Thursday, December 25, 2008

True Meaning of Christmas

It's been two years since I had the idea of writing out what I thought the true meaning of Christmas was. So to remember one of my favorite posts, I give you... the True Meaning of Chirstmas.

Baby Jesus was born with his golden diaper. He was sent here by his father on planet Krypton to save the world. The virgin Mary gave birth to baby Jesus in a manger and baby Jesus was surrounded by the animals and nearby Shepard. But then out of no where came the sinister Santa Claus mortal enemy of baby Jesus, you see Santa wanted the golden diaper so that he could rule the world. So Santa came down with his reindeer of death!

"HO HO HO! Someone has been naughty!"

With fast as lightning skills Santa strikes but the local Sheppard try to stop him. Santa seeing this adjust and throws his highly accurate Ninja stars made of coal and cuts down the Shepard.

Mary shrikes and fears for baby Jesus' life. "Don't you harm him!""Shut up woman!" As Santa shoves her aside. But what Santa did not know was that Baby Jesus was trained by Chuck Norris! Baby Jesus jumps up and scissor kicks Santa in the face!

"Take that fat man." Baby Jesus declares!

"I see you have learned from Chuck Norris, I alone can not take you, but what about my reindeer of death! On Danser, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Vixen, On Comet, On Cupid, On Donner, Oh Blitzen, On Laser, On Taser."

The Reindeer burst in and take action. Danser lands a vicious round house kick, and Baby Jesus staggers. Looks at the blood trickling down from the corner of his cheek, whips it off and exclaims. "Is that all you got."

Baby Jesus unleashes a series of blinding fast moves and starts taking out the reindeer. Comet gets a knee to the groin, Vixen takes a head butt. Laser charges in with a series of moves and Baby Jesus stops him with a single punch and then rips into his chest and pulls out his heart. Taser sees this and wants to avenge his brother death, but Baby Jesus hits him with a Fatality Move from Mortal Kombat.

The other reindeer sees the carnage and Donner yells "FORM Rudolph GO REINDEER FORCE!"

The other reindeer join together to create the greatest reindeer of them all Rudolph the Death Nosed Reindeer. Baby Jesus backs up and Rudolph starts ripping laser beams all around him. A few hit baby Jesus and he is stunned and looks like he might be finished.

"Ha Ha Ha your golden diaper is mine!" Santa evil laughs as baby Jesus hits the floor.

But then came the three wise men, Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer and Charles Bronson. The three wise men go into action, Chuck Norris round house kicks Rudolph, while Charles Bronson shots him with his .45 and Jack Bauer yells at Rudolph "DO AS I SAY!" And stabs Rudolph in the leg with his PDA of death.

Baby Jesus stands up and charges Santa and punches him in the face!

"You win baby Jesus you win! I will do what ever you say."

"Fine, you no longer will do evil and you shall live in the North Pole and once a year bring toys to good little boys and girls so that they will know of your shame. Also your reindeer may never take the form of Rudolph again."

"But what if it is foggy and I can not see my way to deliver the toys?" Wonders Santa.

"Fine if it is foggy then you can use the power of Rudolph." states baby Jesus.

"Yes master I will never forget this night and thank you for sparing my life."

There you have it the true meaning of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ohio Round Trip

We are getting ready to hit the road for the lovely three city run in Ohio; Ironton, Columbus and Troy. With the whole lay off thing this trip has been a burden and a blessing all in one. The good thing was I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Day so we decided to leave earlier. This will be the first time since I left ONN that I will have Christmas off, I don't have to go to a movie theater and ask people why a movie on Christmas or any other stupid news angle to fill time. I feel so excited, I'm like a normal person again!

We will have some internet black holes when we are in Columbus (I think that's hilarious, when we are in the biggest city on our trip we will be without internet), but I will try and do a trip blog. I may even try and figure out how to mobile blog and do that on the road.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Time Is It?

The clock on the computer currently reads 6:31AM and for most that know me, this is way to early for me to be up. The truth is, I've been up since 4:30AM. The scary part is, I'm not tired and I did get 5 hours sleep. With the "job change" my internal clock has been on the fritz, I've been going to bed early and waking up before 8:00. I don't know if I like this or not, I wish I could find some kind of middle ground that does not involve going to bed by 11 or getting up before 8.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Years in The Making

Almost 4 years ago to the day I pulled all my press passes off my living room wall and started organizing them in a picture frame. I love looking at it, it was a reminder to me of what I had done in those first 5 years. Today I sat down and put together a new press pass picture frame. I left the center unfinished, at first I tried to get them so there wasn't any empty space, then I thought of something, I'll leave gaps in the middle, to remind me I did not leave the news world on my terms. I would have at least wanted to have been in the business for 10 years, a decade, but I came up short by a year, 9 years of a career. I did a lot and I just want to list some of the things I was able to do. If it was not for my position as a photographer, I'd probably never get to do most of these things (In complete random order).

  • 2003-2005 Ohio football championship games

  • 2004-2006 Boys and Girls state championships- I love football more, but every year these games were played on my birthday. What a way to spend that day, working a 13 hour day in the Schottenstein Center with a bunch of other media people.

  • 2003 MAC Basketball Tournament- I was in West Virginia and the number two guy became ill and I had to do this tournament by myself. I learned how to manage my time.

  • Jessica Lynch Homecoming Parade- Saw my video on the Daily Show

  • 2002 MAC Football Championship- Toledo beat Marshall in Toledo.

  • Marshall at Troy- The first time I ever had to deal with 90 degree weather in October.

  • 7 Presidential visits- I only have four badges, I gave a few away. A great privilege, to see the President, but a pain in the ass to deal with. The Secret Service just had to have all media at these events 4 hours early.

  • Went to an event with Governor Bush.

  • Bowling Green at Ohio State- Took Shorty along and BG lost by 7. I took a lot of great pictures at this game.

  • 2005 Fiesta Bowl- My favorite Ohio News Network moments, too bad I had a sinus infection or this would have been the greatest moment. Funny side story, the bomb squad dog thought my camera was explosives; security loved that.

  • 3 Obama events- I even got to ride around with the traveling media, that's where I learned a lot of those guys at pretentious bastards. No offense, but to tell me to sit in the back of the bus was uncalled for. Still, I was 50 feet from our President-elect.

  • 2005 & 2006 Ohio Wrestling championships- This will sound strange but The Wife loved covering the wrestling championships with me. She would log everything and we spent the whole day together. It would kill my back, but quality time on the clock with The Wife is always great.

  • 2003-2005 Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds- It felt like every time I went to either park something strange or ridiculous would happen. Example 1: At the Indians I was dizzy and needed sugar and my battery in my wireless went out. I scurried over to the wireless and my sports director asked what I was doing. I said; "I'm out of juice." Some sports writer thought I said something about Jews. I almost got banned from Jacobs Field because I slipped back into my southern Ohio accent. Example 2, Chud and I were hungry and did not want to pay for the food the Red had for the media (I think it was chicken or maybe fish... couldn't tell) We ask the media info guy who was maybe a few months shy of 100; "You go up the stairs... rumnamnana then you humramanana. We turn and and say thank you and any time someone needed directions we would state; "Go up the stairs rumamahadana."

  • 2004-2006 Indianapolis 500- I loved going to the 500, well going the weeks before the actual race. It's impressive how large that track is and how fast these cars move. Favorite moment, asking Helio Castroneves for an interview, he gives us the sign for 1 minute, turns, and goes into the bathroom. He comes back out and give a great interview. I always wondered if he washed his hands. Favorite phrase: There's a window over Terra Haute. I said it once and almost got DJL to spit out his salad.

  • 2003 Motor City Bowl- GO BG!

  • 2006 & 2007 NCAA Basketball tournament- I covered UNC as they choked in the elite 8 and then the Final Four. The first year I had to cover the first two rounds by myself and mind you I had never shot a game or interview about UNC that year, big learning curve about the team for me. Favorite moment; yelling at Dan Dakich.

  • 2003 Memorial Golf Tournament- Most memorable thing was on the final day, I sat at 1 till the leaders past, ran to hole 2. Mind you I was carrying a 40 pound two piece camera, a 20 pound tripod, 20 pound back pack with water and tapes. I get the leaders and sit and bake in the sun on number 8. Then run up hill to number 9. I had an intern and she started caring the back pack and I was out of water. I run over to 11 and finally head back to 18. By the walk up hill on 18, the intern too the tripod as well. The sports director Moose thought I was going to die. I found out later he had the interns watch me and had them keep giving me Gatorade and water. I finished off 5 20 ounce Gatorade and 6 bottle of 24 ounces.

  • Virginia Tech Shootings- The only time I started to break down on a story.

  • 2005 MLB Home Run Derby- I saw Big Papi crank balls out of the park and into the river. The balls were literally flying in front of my face and I was in the upper upper left field.

  • 2006 Cleveland Cavalier playoffs- LeBron looked like he was older than me (he's 7 years younger) and I almost had flames burn my eyebrows off.

I also covered events like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a sniper running around West Virginia and then another on in Columbus. A hurricane off the Carolina coast and much much more. I had 9 eventful years and even though I did not go out on the terms I wanted, I still have all the great memories and they can never take those from me.

Really? An Empty Snack Bag?

I got an email from Shawn about how my former chief Barnard had found some items in my truck and Shawn had them. I kept wondering what was in the box and some of the items were things I wanted. Like a card from The Wife tell me how much she loved me and my Netflix DVDs I was going to return on the day of dread.

Then there were some items that made me wonder and all three are pictured to the left. First, a nearly empty bag of potato chips. Why would you put those in there and also he put them on the bottom so what little chips that were in there are now dust. Second, a hair brush... I know some male reporters have hair brushes, but I have short hair and don't even use a comb. Some reporter left it, so if you are missing a brush leave a comment or call me and I can return it. Finally a map of Wake, Durham and Orange counties... that the station gave me... two years ago... that are missing almost all of I-540 and the 64 bypass.

I have mixed feelings about this box, mainly because said chief never called to ask me if I wanted any of this. I know he hates confrontations, but come on man, I worked with you for two years at least call me and tell me you gave the box to Shawn. I feel like management thinks I have leprosy and they can get it if they call me. Reason #95 to get out of news.

Turning the Corner

Today was the best so far, I had an interview with a production house and it looks like I might get some freelance work. With the way the news industry is going, I think this is the best option. WUSA just announced they are going to the VJ/back back/embed/one man band system. In all honesty I thought it would be 2010 before major changes like this would become common, then again the economy sped up the process.

I had to think, do I want to continue on in news and circle the country a la Grapes of Wrath finding news work, or did I have to get out now and hope and pray that I find a company or decent amount of freelance work to make everything work. I'm thinking it's a combination of the two and I hope this works out. I would love the normalcy of the schedule and the ability to take my time on projects.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bad Day

As the title suggest, today was not good. We got up and went to church and I had to keep talking about being laid off. I was hoping to just skate through, but somehow everyone knew I had been let go and wanted to talk about it and give me encouragement. The only problem... I didn't want to talk about it, that's all I have done since Tuesday.

I know they just found out, but after the tenth person I was getting numb and more depressed, it didn't help that the message was about hope. Regretfully I'm the kind of person who just wants to hide when I'm depressed, but I can't I've got to continue on and when I do this I run into people I know.

Hopefully this interview on Monday will make things a little better. I need some good news so I can stop talking about the bastards that let me go.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not So Negative Post

I know the last post was... well, a little bitter, but now I have some decent news. I've saved us some money for a few months. Thanks to the craptacular economy a lot of companies have plans for people like me. I just got an economic hardship deferment from my student loan. My car loan people said I was ahead on my payments and I don't have to pay till February and everything else will be put on the back end.

Then there is the biggie.. the mortgage, right now nothing is happening, but Kevin Martini said he is going to look into things and see if I can push some payments around. If I can get two months put onto the back end of this mortgage that will save us a huge amount of money that we can then use to pay COBRA and maybe get a few other bills down.

If you have been laid off or are to be, call your loan people early on, they want there money not your house or car. They will try and help, if you call when you are in serious trouble... ti might be tougher. Be proactive not reactive.

Insurance Hell

Because The Wife is 5 weeks pregnant we REALLY NEED insurance. Since I was laid off I am eligible for COBRA, but it's like $800 a month. Well, my income right now is under $300 a month right now. The Wife makes decent money, but if we do the COBRA then we can't pay the mortgage. I tried to go on line and find insurance that way and MAN is that a mess.

There is a thing called maternity insurance and I thought awesome, we can get cheaper better insurance. Then I read the fine print, it's only if you think you might become pregnant and if you are preggos... then your out of luck.

I kept searching and found people that will insure pregnant women... oh wait... no they won't. I just got off the phone with a guy who tired to convince me to NOT get his insurance. I explained to him that I don't want to pay the $800 dollars a month, I'd rather pay his $400. He didn't care, he kept talking about how much cheaper it will be with my current COBRA plan.

I tried to get the guy to say that they only want my money, but obviously that did not happen. I'm going to try and see if I can get Cobra just for The Wife and I go without. It's not a great plan, but it would save $500. I don't think it will work, but at least I can give it the ol' college try

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've added two more widgets to the blog, the first is a countdown to Baby Baker being born and the second is a list of videos that are on my resume DVD. I'm hoping to get any help from how ever I can get this out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Oh my gosh (that's for you mom), I got a lead! Thanks to Pete Nice I have a meeting about possibly maybe doing some freelance work in the future. I know it's not much, but it's better than what I'm doing right now. I don't think I can get paid for playing Madden '05 and cleaning the house.

My First Reason to Hate Facebook

Yesterday was a bad day, but facebook made it a little tougher. Yes I had a lot of people telling me they would pray and help out, but to see the status got to me a little. Before I go into this, if you are one of these people I am not mad at you, I'm mad at WNCN NBC17 for taking my job away. I kept seeing status updates that involved statements like "it's a sad day," or "rough day." I felt angry, they were the ones who kept their jobs. Come talk to me about a bad day with a pregnant wife and a mortgage with no local options for the field I was in. I'll stop there for now, this is going to be a long holiday.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I've had a bad feeling for a while about this job, but I took it as I was overly paranoid. I even had co workers tell me that. I mean even last night I had a bad feeling and it was mentioned that they would get laid off before me. Well, I walk into WNCN NBC17 also of and the news director walks me to GM's office and I have been laid off.

Of course I am running through the gambit of emotions, especially anger because I was lied to to get me into the building earlier. I called the news director Nannette out about this and she was upset that I called her deceitful for telling me I was needed for a special project. If you are going to fire me don't lie to me, be upfront about it. Telling me you had a special project was wrong. There is a history of this behavior so I shouldn't be too shocked. How can companies do this on the eve of holidays? I understand Media General is leaking money like a sieve (thank you print division) and things had to be done. Yet, did management take a cut, did they fire a few of the unneeded management? No they cut who they thought were expendable, I am that person.

So now I am thinking what the hell do I do. I mean I was about to post about The Wife being pregnant. She's now five weeks along and we have no insurance. We freaking bought a house in July. I am a man in a field that no long is needed. I have fallen the way of the dodo and do not know what to do. Do I up and move again? Do I try and stick it out in Raleigh and hope something works out? I don't know, I've gotten past my first step which was getting out of the fetal position on my kitchen floor. Next step... either grab a bottle of bourbon or go to the church office and work on a new resume tape.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pizza Debate

I was over at King Tom's blog and he was talking about pizza and that got me thinking. I've not lived near a great pizza place in years. Then again I was spoiled for three years in college with the selection at Bowling Green. Even to a lesser extent Ironton had it's own strange style, but since then I've been in a pizza void.

Lets start this from the beginning of my pizza experience, I grew up no where near the "Mecca's" of pizza; Chicago and New York, the biggies. So all I had growing up was franchise pizza and then there were two small pizza places Skeetos and Giovanni's. Each were completely different; Giovanni was closer to the New York style, a big flat pizza, the oen thing about it was as a kid you use to roll it from the point to the crust and eat it that way. The pizza was so greasy it would drip out the end of the pizza roll. As a kid, it was great, but since I've left at best it is OK. Yet, every once in a while I will think about Giovanni's and want a pizza roll.

Skeeto's I did not find out about till I met Wilson. It's not in Ironton, but a couple miles outside and to be honest the pizza was OK, it was the Pizza sub that rocked! If the pizza was ordered I'm not going to complain, but I loved the thick sauce that did not appear to be from a can. Mmmmm Skeetos.

After high school I went to what I am calling the pizza center of Ohio, Bowling Green. Three places are known for their pizza; Campus Pollyeyes, Myles and Pisannelo's. All three are at the top of their game and each are completely different. I'll start with number three in my book, Campus Pollyeyes. It's a good pizza, but to be honest I was not a huge fan, their big draw for me was their stuffed bread sticks. They would make a cheese and peperoni filled bread stick. They would give you a cup of sauce. As a pizza not my fav, but in the fore mentioned break sticks it was nirvana! Maybe something happened to the sauce when they baked it, but I loved the bread sticks.

Next is Pisannelo's, in college this was my favorite and my sister Julie loves it still. It's a solid pizza, the sauce is nice, they give you enough toppings and the crust is great. With some pizzas you have it too thick or too much on the ends. Pisannelos got it right. All around great pizza. the other factor was it was better the day after. The other two BG establishments lost something over night, but after a night of drinking I MEAN studying hard, I always liked finding a box of Pisannelo's. I should open up a Pisannelo's down here and promote it as "It's even better the next morning."

Myles I would say is the campus favorite and I have come to appreciate it a lot more. It's the sauce and the cheese. I don't know what is in the sauce, but it's like freaking crack! It's sweet and spicy, yet not. It's like Gandolf came down and made a sauce. Only wizardry could explain this sauce. Then there is the cheese, they burn a little of it. There is a slight burnt taste, but that's what makes it great. Also there is like a mountain of cheese on there. With the fact I love cheese, makes this freaking awesome. My favorite is a normal pizza with chicken... to die for. This is how good the pizza is; while working at The Network a reporter and I (also a BG grad) were passing near (15 minutes out of the way) ordered sit down. Then we had left overs and everyone who knew of Myles were practically begging for a slice.

Then there was a drown of pizza, don't get me started on West Virginia, but the only slightly good pizza in Columbus was Giammarco's. It's a good pizza but nothing great, The In-Laws love it so any time they had pizza it was ordered.

The big problem with Columbus pizza was Donatos, holy crap that was a bad pizza, but people loved it. It was a thin pizza cut into squares and I don't know why, but anytime I ate it I always felt a little ill later and had awful gas (I know you all wanted to know that). To make matters worse The Network would ALWAYS order it for special breaking news. It got to the point where I would debate about going elsewhere for food, but I worked at The Network so free food was better than spending money.

Just like most things in the Raleigh area, it's mostly all chain food stores, and the pizza follows suit. There are a few exceptions, well two Anzio in Rolesville and Mellow Mushroom. When we moved into the house we got a few "Welcome to the neighborhood" flyers and one was for Anzio's. The problem is, it's in freaking Rolesville a good 20 minute drive. We suck it up because it was for a free pizza and to be honest... best pizza in the triangle. They call it a New Jersey style pizza, it has a good sauce, good amount of cheese, the crust is nice and if I lived closer we would only order Anzio's. Instead it becomes a special treat.

Finally we have the regional chain Mellow Mushroom. It's one of these specialty pizza places, but unlike most they actually took time to make the pizza good. When I go into one of these specialty places it always they feel like they spent more time thinking up names for the pizza and whether they should have goat cheese as a topping option instead of making the pizza good. Mellow has a great sauce and a diverse amount of toppings, they even have pine nuts... hey don't knock it till you tried it. There has been a rumor that a Mellow is coming to Wake Forest and I keep asking WHY IS IT NOT OPEN NOW!

In each area I am probably missing some places or just left them out (Like Moon Dogs or I Heart NY Pizza) but this is a list of my personal favorites.... discuss.

Friday, November 28, 2008

BG Hoops

Living in North Carolina, I do not get many chances to see many BG sports, so when Julie the sister told me that the BG women are going to be in Greensboro I was in. I know what a lot of people are thinking... really, women college basketball? First of all it's BG, second, they play a pretty exciting game. Three, if it was not for BG women I would not be the shooter that I am today and finally my sister does a highlight reel every year (the reason why I am awesome at shooting sports).

It's an easy hour fifteen to Greensboro from Wake Forest and it was strange to see BG there. Also it was almost a home game. I kid you not at the start of the game it was about 50 BG fans and 9 other people. By the end of the game it was 50/50 (because UNC Greensboro was playing next).

The woman played a good bad game. They would have moments of greatness and then flatten out and bottom out before another moment of greatness. They are a pretty young team and are still learning to play together. They play Saturday against UNC Greensboro and hopefully won't have too many bad moments.

Because of this I missed BG beating Toledo. Sorry Greg Brandon, I guess I'm a bad BG fan for see the women play instead of rolling the dice and seeing which team in what half would show up.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Turkey Day, eat some turkey and pie. Mmmmm pie!

Friday, November 21, 2008

State Of Panic

While working a live shot last night for the 6pm show, I heard weather guy say, we were going to have flurries. For the norther states this is nothing new, but immediately groaned and knew stupidity was about to arrive.

Five to ten minuets later I get a text message warning us (all photographers) that we maybe called in from 2AM-10AM to shoot snow. Seriously, we were wanting to go nuts over flurries. I know we had a little flurries the other day and a couple of us got some video, but to panic this much is ridiculous. When The Wife woke up she noticed a dusting of snow, but by the time I woke, it was all gone. We freaked out for this? Well it's because I'm in North Carolina... WRONG!

I open up my iGoogle page and I noticed that WSAZ out of Huntington, WVa had breaking news! I know it sounds odd that I have a Huntington feed, but it's the only station that I can get a reasonable amount of news from Ironton. So what was the breaking news "Slick Roads Causing Problems." What, who ever heard such a thing, slick roads means I might have to be cautious while driving? That you WSAZ! I know I'm being a little cynical over this, but why is that breaking news. Breaking news is like the town of Poca is on fire or the Governor just freed all the prisoners at South Central Correctional Center not the roads are slick.

We need to stop this freaking people out over the sublime, if you want to do a story about slick roads warning people to drive slow that's fine, just don't throw out the all caps BREAKING NEWS.

Back to North Carolina, I understand people freak out over the littlest of winter time weather, but we don't have to encourage it. If we say flurries, treat it like that. Tell the morning crew to shoot a little and if it's still going on have the day siders shoot some. I'm getting to cynical for TV news.

Joke Time

Did you hear they cancelled the Ohio State Michigan game?

Yeah Michigan couldn't get past Toledo.

Also GO BG beat Buffalo even at 5-5 (3-3 in conference) BG has a chance to win the MAC East, yet Central Michigan 8-3 (6-1) has almost no chance at the MAC West. That's funny, take that fat punter.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Might Want to Rethink That Design

I have to thank Dan Lee for finding this link. What better way to celebrate Christmas than a glowing cross on your lawn, oh wait... it looks like is on fire. I've seen this before... where is it... I don't know*.

I understand what the American Family Association was going for, but you can't sell a burning cross. Good intentions, bad follow throw.
*Still frame from O Brother Where Art Thou

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Golf

One of the greatest things about working in TV is the chance to get free stuff. This past Friday I got a chance at free golf at 12 Oaks in Holly Springs. I've mentioned a few times about my golf game or the lack there of, so what better way to see how bad I suck than going to a new course that is not even open. Oh yeah and it's suppose to be one of the toughest in the state if not the south. I kid you not I brought 20 extra balls so I'mnow packing 45 balls and I'm thinking I'm losing most.

We get to the course and we are actually doing a story on the course so I load up my cart with my clubs, camera, tripod, extra battery and hip pack full of cables and microphones. We start out and of course my first shot... straight into the woods, left me restate that hooked into the woods.

For the story we have to keep acturate score and I'm playing with Justice and I do not think he has ever kept an accurate score in his life. After the first hole I shoot an 11 and Justice gets an 8. Penn the sports director I beleive got a 6 (he's the ringer in the group). The next hole is a little par three and my first shot is a nice one... straight into the sand. I hate sand traps and this one is 5 feet below the green and it takes me 7 shots to get out of the sand and I finish the par three with a 12. This is going to be a long day. To make things worse it starts raining, and it's getting colder. Penn wusses out after three holes and Justice and I struggle on.

After Penn left I started to hit the ball better, and by better I mean I'm no longer getting 11 or 12 I'm getting 7, 8 and 9s. The rain lets up and we start feeling better, then it pours. It was like that all day, I finally get fed up with pulling my rain jacket on and off and I leave it in the cart, I'm already soaked why bother. We get to the dreaded 6th hole it's suppose to be the hardest hole, there's this swamp grass crap all over the place and you have to get over some of it off the tee. Look at the video below, I actually got over the stuff and got a 7, my best score of the day.

We get through 12 holes before we decided to call it off, we were just too wet and cold to play off. I don't want to know my score, but I had to be over 100 and the most important score is the balls lost. I lost 12 balls, but I did find 4 so it was an 8 ball day. Not too bad for a crappy golfer like myself. I was asked by Penn if I would go back and play the course again. My answer was yes, was the course tough... yes, but fair and I could have fun there. If I could afford the membership fee (we are guessing it has to be over $10,000 a year) I would sjoin, but since the membership fees are probably going to cost me almost the same as my mortage per month, I'm going to pass. Unless everyone out there chips in and gets a membership for me... come one people, it's for a good cause.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Welcomed at Moe's

On Thursday of last week I walked by the assignment desk and saw a press release from Moe's Southwest Grill. Their Cary store had sold over one million burritos and they were giving away free burritos for a year to the first 50 people. If I were to rank my favorite burrito places it would be


Cosmic Burrito (If they had more than one location or a location not in Durham it would be number one.)

Salsa Fresh (Another single store, but they have awesome authentic tamales.)



Shawn on the other hand has Moe's at the top of his list and I'm not going to turn away a chance at free burritos for a year. We decide to leave Wake Forest at 8:45 and get there a little after 9:00. We see long line and know it's going to be close. We get out and get to the end of the line and find out that we are around 60th in line. Crap, but there are some small kids and the sorts and maybe the contest will be only one per family. Then the other problem were the majority of those at the front of the line... drunken college and high school students. Holy crap, these guys were drunk of their asses. I'm not talking about a little tipsy, I mean screaming obscenities and from what we heard in the middle of the night the cops were called out because they found a dumpster and were throwing people in it and shoving it down the parking lot.

We started to get a little down trodden but then things got worse. Someone from Moe's came out side to take names of the first 50. All of the sudden a mass of humanity started filing out of cars and jumping into the line. They had people saving spots for them and so we were shoved even further back. A manager type guy was walking around and another dejected soul asks him about the line jumpers and what about us. We know we are not going to get the free year, but at least we deserve a free burrito because of the line problems. He says he will see what he can do and then never comes back. The dejected soul gets a little mad about being ignored goes up and asks again. We are out of luck, we might get a T-shirt or something called Moe's bucks, but nothing else.

Shawn and I leave, Moe's did a really bad job at this promotion. I don't think they realized that people would camp out over night in a driving rain storm for burritos. Nor did they realize that most of them would be drunk and probably underage (How do I know they are underage, they were talking about what high school they will have to transfer to next year). No organization was thought of and now they have a group of about 50 that are mad because they were shafted by this disorganization. I know Shawn will probably go back to Moe's, but I will think twice. I'd rather go burrito less than have to think about the stupidity of that morning.

Happy Birthday

This past weekend Lucy turned 1. So we have now had her for 8 months and what an interesting 8 months it has been. It doesn't feel like 8 months, I can still driving up to the house of the lady that had Lucy and seeing her run onto the porch. Back then she was about 22 pounds and as of her last check up she's now 54 pounds.

The best thing about having her is when I get home from a bad day at work and she is so excited to see me she wags her entire lower half then I have to lean down so she can lick my nose. I know we have had some issues like, Oh I don't know eating our couch and destroying things. We figured out part of the problem... anxiety, Lucy only gets really destructive on Sunday mornings when we both leave early and don't get back home till around 1.

Then I took some flack when people thought I was calling Lucy stupid. I wasn't calling her that, but I have learned she is very smart. We took her to PetSmart for puppy training and the trainer helped us get Lucy under control a little and we also found out she is very smart. She learned to play dead within an hour, the trainer has never had a dog learn play dead that fast. She also can spin in circles and we are half way to learning to leave treat on her nose.

For all the destroyed couches and stuffed animals, I can not imagine what it would be like not to have Lucy. Hopefully we will have her from a very long time.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


OK, I've been in a funk and it doesn't help that work is having me bring back the sports blog (plus multiple other things). When I get home I don't want to write anymore, the ideas are in my head, but the will is forcing them to stay in there. The Wife and I finally got out and went to see a movie and I had to write about it.

Changeling is one of the best movies I have seen in years. From start to finish it was a quality movie were the plot did not fade nor did I lose interest half way through. The basic premise of the movie is; in 1928 A woman loses her son and the police try and help, but instead of finding her son they give her another child. I will try and not give too much away, but if you want to see the movie I'd probably stop reading and come back to this post afterwards. The story too many strange turns at one point the police threw Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) in a mental ward.

I've had many mixed feelings about the acting skills of Angelina, but she did an outstanding job. Then you had Jeffery Donaovan, who The Wife loves from the TV show Burn Notice, the way I can tell if someone does an outstanding villain role is if The Wife hates the actor after the movie. She now despises Jeffery Donovan. He played the unapologetic and manipulative police captain to a tee. His arrogance and undercutting of Christine Collins was wonderfully done. Rounding out the major cast was John Malkovich, he played Reverend Gustav Briegleb and minister who wants to expose the sins of the cities police department. Early on you get the feel he wants to help and for me in the middle I got the sense he did not care about the plight of Christine and was using her to take on the city. Yes, he was fighting for a noble cause, but his intentions were not true. He did end up helping and causing change within the system, yet he could not have done it without Christine.

I made the statement that this was the best movie I have seen in years, and honestly that is not a hard statement to say. I feel we have fallen into a blackhole of crap with movies. Most are not complete and missing some key element. For some reason we take the phrase "independent" and make it grander than it is (Juno, Little Miss Sunshine), or a big budget "Oscar" movie as of the past few years have fallen short, either the story wasn't great but the acting made it better (There Will Be Blood) or it was "ground breaking" yet there was no real substance (Brokeback Mountain). Looking at the list of past nominees Changeling rivals Crash and my favorite (post Lord of the Rings) Finding Neverland.

It appears most critics are giving Changeling either an A or a C. Most of the C are based on technical merit and how the critic yearns for the old Eastwood days. Honestly I loved this movie, maybe this could be the start of Hollywood coming back to its senses and will start to give us substance instead of the drivel that has been forced upon us.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The End of the Night

Well, the night ended in with its usual flair of last minute craptitude. Everything was running pretty smooth and then everything went to hell in a hand basket. We were scrambling to get on the air of 11 and some how barely made it... many obscenities were said in multiple 100 yard dashes to and from the live truck.

Besides work, Franklin St crowd was a lot smaller this year and part of the reason seems to be the roads in and out of town (the police were routing most of the traffic through one street and because they did not close the street off till after 10. Yet there was much to be seen, the biggest costumes were pretty obvious

  • Sara Palin

  • The Joker

  • Batman

  • bee outfits (slutty and guy)

  • pirates

As I mentioned last year I always love the "slutty" outfits, it’s strange that young girls (and some older ones that did not need to be slutty) strut around in barely anything and I have to look at it. I kept telling The Wife that they were everywhere and I could not but accidental gaze upone them for a split second.
Besides that it was a typical Halloween, maybe one day I will not be stuck in a giant truck doing work and I will be wearing a cool costume... maybe the sea captain from the Simpsons, or Ponch from CHiPs

6 O'clock down, the 7, 11 and More to Go

The six o' clock show is over and the only issue has been the IFB (the thing reporters have in their ear so the producer can give them cues) was cutting in and out. Not so big of a problem, but it's Halloween and people who do not need to worry about such things need to relax (I'm looking at you Mr Anchor type person). We don't have enough extension cord for monitors and we are just at the edge of the wireless IFBs, the one easy fix is for me to call the producer and they relay commands and info through me.

Everything went smooth and the only glitch was the reporter did not realize I was cuing her to go so there was a three second pause. People at home probably thought she was on a satellite shot and it wasn't a problem. So far so good. I'm waiting for the pain to begin.

Chapel Hill Live Blog Hell

Today is Halloween, a holiday I actually like prior to coming to North Carolina. Since I've been here I now hate this holiday more than anything. The reason why, I have to cover Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Pretty much it's like Ohio University, only smaller, but with my previous history with the town, it makes for a bad night. To recap last year, I laid 1000 feet of cable four different times (each time to a roof of a three story building) was surrounded by idiots and was kicked off the roof by the town snipers (their only reason for this... "we don't like the TV stations").

I've prepared myself for the worse and so far at 5:04 everything is going OK. The only problem so far is the live truck they gave me only had 500 feet of cable. That's 150 feet short, luckily I brought an extra cable. I'm going to try and do updates with photos through out the night, I don't know how often I will be updating, but between here and facebook you will be able to see how bad or easy the night will go.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look At That Wiener!

The Serg and I were driving back from an assignment involving false voter rumors about early voting when The Serg states; "Hey, I think that's the Wiener mobile." Of course I over react and scream where and then I see it. I was just going to continue on to the station, but The Serg wanted a closer look and I obliged by cutting across three lanes of traffic and cutting off an old lady. As I am racing around a hotel parking lot, I ask if we should talk a picture. The Serg gave me a look like I was stupid for asking. "Yeah!"

Why are two guys in their 30s so interested in the wiener mobile. All I can think of is that this is a part of our child hood and some how we are still trying to connect with that time of innocence in our lives. Then it's a freaking car shaped like a hot dog! I so want to drive it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wake Me On November 5th

I am sitting in the newsroom finishing a story and for some reason I decided to watch another Presidential debate and to be honest I feel even less like voting for either of these clowns. It feels like this election has been going on for a couple of years and over the last few months I feel like it's been a constant stream of political attack adds and I just want this whole thing to be over.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama have made this election another muckfest with attacks on each other and have helped lower the expectation of our leaders. I'm tired of the Democrats attacking McCains age, his connection to Bush and how insane Palin is. I am tired of the Republicans trying to connect Obama to terrorists, Arab and inexperienced. I have an idea, why don't you actually talk to us about how you are going to make us a better country not how your opponent is going to destroy it. I understand you need to go over your "talking points" but I have not really heard anything that will make me want to vote for them.

I love how I keep hearing how this is a "historic election." How do we know this? Did Dr Brown come back in the Delorean and tell us that this was historic? Only time can tell us how historic this election will be. Yes, I understand this is the first major party to have an African American and this is the second time a woman is running for Vice President, but that it. Who knows this could turn out to be Pierce vs Scott and both of these guys will end up as footnotes. We need to stop call every Presidential election as historic.

I still think this country is ripe for a new major political party, but it probably will never happen. The Democrats and Republicans have become too polarized for their own good. Yet with the political stronghold these two parties have over the media and the country it will take a miracle for a new party to form and have any chance of succeeding or has a new party already has made inroads and that's why I am voting for Wiggum.

Hippy Car

While working with The Serg we drove past a Prius with the vanity plate "Im Green." This leads to the conversation of how the Prius has become the new Volkswagon Beetle. Just look at the picture to the left, I know this is a little extreme but it's not too far off. Why are people who want to be "green," so full of themselves. They have to tell the world... look at me, I'm driving a car that uses less gas than you. Well good for you, but I could care less. Your car still runs on gas so you are still being controlled by the man so suck it!

I don't want to know what your political views are and since you are driving a Prius I would have never figured out that you hate the war, George Bush, you probably are a vegetarian and are annoying. Yes, I would like us to get away from oil and I also recycle, but you need to dial it down with your piuos Prius... stupid hippies.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

401K equal Zero

With Wall Street in turmoil and the Stock Market doing it's best Kamakazi impersonation I had no desire to look at my 401K plan. This is the first job where I actually make enough to put money in and not have to eat Ramaen Noodles for a month. I heard the horror stories from the others in the newsroom and knew that at times it was at a 26% loss and I had to be around that number.

Then today I get an email from Fidelity with this message in giant letters:

Thoughts on investing in a volatile marketplace.

Holy crap, this can't be good? They are telling me not to panic, but I am panicking! Oh crap oh crap oh crap! I asked around if this was bad, and The Serg said I should not look at my portfolio. Of course what do I do, I log on and find out I've lost 36.5% of my portfolio.

To put this in to prospective; I've lost everything I have put into my 401K in the past year plus $300. I'm not as bad off as some of the people in the station, but how am I going to make this back? I did a little bit of changing, like drop all of my company stock (hasn't made money since I've been here) and took some of the riskier investments and put into simple bonds that will make money. I know I am young and can be and need to be a little risky, but I can't ever have this happen again. To loss a years worth of work when I could have used that money to... I don't know pay off credit cards or make a house payment.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I had one of those days at work so when I got home I grabbed a cigar a beer and my iPod and watched a couple of Simpsons episodes. One in particular was Bart the Daredevil, the main plot of the episode is Bart's attempt at becoming a daredevil, but that's not the part of the story that I am writing about. I'm writing about the beginning and the name sake of this episode.

The episode starts of with Bart and Homer watching a wrestling match at different locations. During my youth wrestling was a father and son event. I remember sitting there with my dad watching plenty of matches, I was still at the age where I thought wresting was real. My father was a little smarter than Homer in the fact he knew it was all staged, yet he still allowed me to think it was real.

Then a commercial pops up in the episode promoting a monster truck rally featuring Truckasaurus. When I was Bart's age for some reason monster truck rallies were huge. To this day I have no idea why, but it was the 80s and well, that was a weird time for all. My sister Julie use to work at a local UHF station and she would have have the abilities to get free tickets for all of these rallies. Of course I would beg her to get us a couple and on occasion we could go. Along with the monster trucks they would have side show attractions and there was actually a Truckasaurus. I never had the chance to see it, but as a 10 year old it was my dream, yet he never came to the Tri-State area.

Why was a giant robot dinosaur truck so big? It couldn't do much, it would pick up a car, put it in it's metal mouth and chomp down and throw some flames. Wait a second, that does sound kind of kick ass. I wonder if Truckasaurus will make a return trip and come to Raleigh?
Via email from my sister the actual name of the real robot dinosaur that eats cars is actually Robosaurus. She was watching Barrett Jackson Car Auction and the original owners could not afford to keep Robosaurus so they had to sell it and using Barrett Jackson. That cracks me up, that an invention of the 80s was sold at a car auction. Then I went to the website and guess what, he's going to be in Charlotte! Too bad gas is so expensive and I have to work or I would be so there to see Robosaurus.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Do you see this cute little bugger? That is baby Cash Replogle, ain't he a cute little guy? Wait, he isn't named Cash? Shawn and Melissa went with Nathan? Did they not see the poll? Look over to the right folks 53% of the votes wanted, NEY demanded he be named Cash. Even regular readers have written me and want action:

J.B..... I'm filing an official protest if that baby isn't named
"CASH"!!!!! Put it on Polkamoney...put it on the station website.....put it on
the other station website....I don't care!!!!! That baby is two words!!!!
AWE-SOME!!!! He looks like he's ready to go out and shoot on day one of
his life!!! He looks like Shawn!!!! That's the only problem!!

We must fight this naming, you have spoken and must rise up and take action. We have to find a crappy lawyer who will find some kind of league loophole that will allow us to change his name.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dog Sittng

Last night Shawn and Melissa went to the hospital because baby Cash caught the Orange Blossom Special and wants out. While Shawn was on his way to the hospital and asked if I would watch their dog Titus. I can watch Titus, I'm a viking at dog watching! So I grab Titus and a few items Shawn ask I bring to the hospital to them and head on over to the house.

If you are wondering, Lucy and Titus get along, they act a lot like Chester and Spike from the old Warner Brothers cartoons. Titus is Spike and Lucy is Chester, the second we walk in the door, Lucy is running around Titus and going insane. Titus growls and Lucy backs off. I let them outside, Titus is sniffing around and Lucy runs laps around Titus. It took Lucy about two hours to calm down.
I love watching them play out these rolls, it's good for Titus because he gets interaction with other dogs. For Lucy it wears her out a little bit, she has a lot of energy and this helps her be calmer at nights.

Friday, October 03, 2008

What If

I came home one day and was bored so I started going to my usual websites and then I noticed something new on the address bar, Then I wasted about an hour and a half of my life. The big thing with the site is you upload a picture and it will add your face to a yearbook picture from a just about any year from 1950 to 2000. The older ones are the best.

Who ever created this idea needs to get a Nobel prize or a least a hug. After I used a few of my photos I got the idea to use people I know. Hmmm who would be a great person to use this tool on. The Wife? no, I give her enough grief. I've got the perfect person.

Wilson! I love the fact I found a picture with deer in the head lights look. I think he needs to let the hair grow and get this look.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In a Funk

As you can tell from the lack of posting, I've been in a creative funk. I've been feeling tired and a little lazy and finally I figured out why. I was coming down with a head cold and of course it went into my ears. If you do not know genetics is not my friend and I inherited my dad's holes in his inner ear. That means every time I get a sinus infection or just a lot of fluid in my head it has a very good chance of going into my ear. When this happens it has the feeling of being drunk, but with out all the fun alcohol or lack of inhibition, which leaves a dizziness and a small case of queasiness. In all honesty being drunk is way better than having this condition.

So I am now home for the day because, well I can't drive. I needed this but at the same time it totally sucks. I can't go any where nor do anything other than lay around the house. Trust me I will try and enjoy that, but there is only so much of that I can do. Hopefully my ears will drain and I can get back to normal.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Longest Weekend: Part 1

The Father-in-law was honored at this past weekend's Ohio State game so we made a quick weekend drive to Columbus, that sounds like a nice easy weekend... Wrong!

It all started with a text message on Thursday afternoon, The Wife mentions that I could play golf on Friday afternoon, but we would have to leave after I get off work. To make this part of the story short, I could not get into the golf game, but we left that night any ways. When we first moved to North Carolina we would drive to Beckley, West Virginia because that is a nice cheap mid point. That was until I started to get off work at midnights. Instead of getting there around 1 or 2 like we use to, it's now 5AM. I was having problems driving that late, I was swerving all over the road and nodding off every once in a while. Last time I checked that's a bad thing to do while driving through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.

Friday we arose around 10AM so we got less than five hours of sleep. I drive till we get breakfast at the greatest breakfast place in West Virginia... Tudor's Biscuit World. If you have not had the wonderful biscuit sandwiches, then you need to drive to the closest store and buy one.

After the deliciousness in our bellies, The Wife drives as I get a quick nap so I can finish the drive. About an hour later I wake up and I see a blurry sign that looks familiar. With the signs for a shopping mall and the hills around it I swore I was in Huntington, WVa. I put my glasses on and ask The Wife where are we. She tells me just past the Huntington Mall. This would not be a bad thing if we were on our way to my parents, but we were going to Columbus and this is very bad. The sound on the GPS was down she missed to turn to head north on I-77, then missed the second option in Hurricane, WVa. I try and clear the fog in my head as The Wife panics because she thinks I am mad, I tell her to keep driving. I did not realize we were right by the interstate so we continue on WV Route 2. We followed Route 2 and the Ohio River for and hour till we hit the only bridge between Huntington and Parkersburg. With the time lost that negated the entire reason for leaving Thursday night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

History Merely Repeats Its Self

When did we flashback to 1973? If you do not know what I mean, then you have not been affected by the gas increase yet. Because of hurricane Ike hitting the Texas Gulf coast gas prices spike up to $4.79 we even heard that in Fayetteville it was over $5. Of course that lead to a rush to buy gas that was under four dollars. The Costco across the street from my station had lines 20 deep. We even hear reports that fights almost broke out.

I didn't think much about it till I was on my way home. My gas light came on and I had about 30 miles left. I start my way to Wake Forest while looking an open gas station. Every time I turned into a station the pumps were closed... out of gas. It wasn't just one or two, I tried 10 stations. I ended up driving 15 miles before I found a pump with gas.

I understand that some of the refineries are in the path of the hurricane and may slow down production, but it only accounts for 1/4 of our gas production. How can that increase the price at the pump that much, I mean a dollar increase or more? Even when Katrina hit gas did not spike this much and that was a devastating storm.

We need to do something about this. I don't care if it's hydrogen or freaking grease from deep fat fryer. I'm tired of the government allowing us to have this issue. Stop the gouging and find a new way to get us away from fossil fuels. I truthfully do not see an end to this problem, the gas and car companies are in bed together and are having a three way with Capital Hill. Didn't we learn anything from the 1973 gas lines? I guess not, in 15 years I will probably writing about this again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Awesome Shout Out

While I was out on the coast last Friday Raleigh was having a concert that featured the band Arrested Development. If you do not remember who they are this video will help you. For me they epitomize the 90s. They wore a lot of bright colored cloths had a funny beat, what more could you want.

As with most bands from my youth Arrested Development faded out of consciousness. Every once in a while you would hear Tennessee and it has to put a smile on your face. With my families trip to the Smoky's I kept bouncing around the newsroom singing Tennessee, then launch into Mr Wendal.

So with the knowledge of my constant reference to random Arrested Development lyrics, The Serge happened to find the lead singer Speech and asked him to give me a little "shout out." That was awesome, so now I got at least one good thing from covering that stupid storm.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Post Hanna Wrap Up

I have survived my first hurricane/tropical storm and I will say I don't ever want to do another one. We ended up working 15 hours and my body was sore. When the winds started getting about 45MPH you have problems standing up straight, you have to use a lot of energy just to stay standing. Add in there the running around, shooting and general crap I had to do, I was drained.

The strangest moments of the night involved the hotel door we were using, because of the barometric presser and something about the inside temperature of the hotel the door was nearly impossible to open. I actually got my arm caught in the door, and it'd going to leave a big bruise. We finally were told do not use that door and we had to walk around the building. Walking around the building caused the one problem, down power lines. the other photographer out here actually got hit by the down line. Lucky for him, the line was not live. We finally wised up and walked the other way. The problem going around the other side of the hotel was the wind. It was worse and we were stopped in our tracks at least three times.

When we wrapped up at 4AM I need a shower, the blowing wind forced sand to embed in my face, I felt like Zao. I took a shower and the sand fell off of me, yet I still felt dirty. It took a second shower in the morning to start feeling clean. Then the other "fun" moment was everyone calling me. I don't mind a 8AM phone call unless I've been asleep less than 4 hours. The calls kept coming so I finally got up at noon.

I staggered over to the window and to my amazement, it was sunny and tons of people were on the beach, it was like nothing happened. The only way I could tell there was a big storm the previous night were the giant waves the surfers were riding. Of course, I had to do a story on how nice it was and finally we got to leave. I am so glad I am home, and not to make my sister Amy mad, I hope Ike goes south of here, no more hurricanes for me.

Drunks love storms and news crews getting pounded by weather.
Wal-Mart rain suits are better than Eddie Bauer rain suits from Target.
People do not understand the concept of cameras need light.
Hotel lobbies make great make shift newsrooms.
Sand can hurt

2 hats that are still wet
2 times I had steak
3 shirts I used that day
3 meals in the hotel
4 days at the coast
1 day of actual storm
5 packages shot
15 straight hours of work on storm day
10.5 hours of overtime
20 times I was asked why the station can't see the ocean. (If you want to see the reporter then you can't see the ocean, it's night time... too dark)
134 dollars a night for the room
100 times I wished I picked a different career
700 times I cursed the storm

Anchor: Is there any power outages? We can't see any lights behind you.

That's because we are standing in front of the ocean, unless Atlantis rises from behind us there won't be any lights.

Friday, September 05, 2008

First Wave

OK, it's starting to pick up and the wind is strong and we are getting a lot of rain. I am already on my second shirt and hat, my shoes are soaked, but holding up... I also love my Gortex socks. We have to do updates all night long so I'm going to be trying out for the new California Raisins after this is over.

So It Begins

OK, if you haven't figured it out yet, I left my adapter for the camera at home so there will be no pictures except when I use my phone. We have finished up the 6 and 7 shows and ate for the last time tonight. I am almost half way through my 12-16 hour day and I am getting tired. Not a good sign, but I might sneak out and get an energy drink later. The biggest thing right now is we only have wind and a little rain. The station wants us to somehow turn a package for 11, but the problem is no one is on the streets, we can't find them and it's dark. You need light for a camera to work, so I'm 90% screwed already. I'm changing into my lovely rain pants and I am heading out into the wind to do... well another crappy story. Hopefully I can do another update later in the night.

What the?

We go out to a shelter that allows animals, it was raining and starting too look bad. We get some good video and interviews and we leave the shelter to see a disturbing sight... sunshine. It had stopped raining and was now bright. Hanna needs to make up its mind, I'm tired of this; is it going to hit Wilmington, or South Carolina crap. Just get here so I can finish my job and go home.

Getting Wierd

I've had a lot of lap top issues and just got it fixed, and since my last post it's getting a little weird. The wind started picking up and the ocean is a little choppy. Then we did the 11pm live shot, lots more wind and bigger waves. I woke up this morning and the ocean is nothing but one giant white surf, the beach is almost under the water. I don't think Hanna will amount to much, but it's still strange to be sitting here waiting for a storm to come and cause damage. Why do we do this? I know people want to know what is going on, but this storm is not suppose to do much to the triangle. This isn't even in our coverage area, how do we do this story and have it matter everyone back home? The only thing I can see is that the station is spending a lot of money for something that they don't have to.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's So Aweful!!!

The coast is just awful, I mean the sunshine, the warm weather, the hurricane is still over a day away. My job is so hard right now. All kidding aside, why did we come this early? We already did every story you can do before a hurricane so what do we do for the next day and a half? Well, I'm getting pancakes. Then I might go and sit on the beach till we have to start our night shift. So tough, I don't think I can handle all this.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rock You Like A...

You see the graph to the left, that is hurricane Hannah, and if you can't tell... it's going to hit the Carolina coast. Guess who is going to cover the damn thing... this guy. I am not happy. I was not suppose to MAYBE leave until Thursday, but as usual that plan was thrown out the window and I am now hustling to get a suitcase packed. I'm going to try and do updates while I'm there, barring well, power outages that will not allow me to post.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


About a month ago I was pressured by a co-worker to join Facebook. If you do not know of this, then allow me to enlighten you. It was started as a way college kids could keep in touch on line, now everyone has access and it has become a way to keep in touch with friends all over the map. I have found some people I had lost contact with so that is good, but I see a lot of downside to Facebook.

I get a lot of random request from people to be friends and I have split them into three categories: People that my other friends know, people I have never met and people I really don't want to be friends with. The last group is the one I am always troubled with. In all honesty Facebook isn't about friends so much, it's more about acquaintances. I've received a few request from people I work with or use to work with, sure I worked with them, but I would not call them friends. What do you do in that situation, I usually click the ignore button. If I don't really want to hang with you at work then why do I want you to know what I put on Facebook. I currently have 65 "friends," most are people I like to stay in contact with, old co workers, people from church and good friends. It almost feels like with some that if you even slightly know the person you need them to be a friend.

Maybe I'm old fashioned and have not fully assimilated to the concept. I do enjoy talking to people and knowing who they are without using email. Who knows, I'll continue to use it and I'll just continue to upset people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Are They Thinking

For some strange reason there are three people at the station that are former employees of WNWO in Toledo, Ohio (I am in this group). So when I was informed that WNWO might be pulled off of Buckeye Cable I laughed. From what I have read and was informed, WNWO wants to be paid to be on Buckeye Cable.

If you would run a cable station and had enough people wanting you, then you can ask the cable providers to pay you for their service. I believe ESPN generally garners around $3 per household. Then you have local stations, they are required by the FCC to be shown by the local cable companies... for free. You may be thinking that the locals are getting shafted, no not really. You see they get paid in ratings. When you fill out a ratings book or have one of those boxes that records what you watch, they get those numbers. Most people in Toledo have cable and do not go "off air" for their local stations.

So I find this situation hilarious, a station may refuse to allow the local cable system with 115,000 homes to show their programming. Never mind the news is dreadful, people will not be able to watch any NBC programming unless they unplug their cable and hook up some rabbit ears or their digital converter. I can see how they think they will get more money out of this, but if Buckeye Cable calls their bluff (and I think they will) then they will loose all those viewers and then loss all those ratings and lose money. WNWO is hoping people in Toledo will get mad enough that they will call Buckeye Cable and force them to relent and they will have to pay WNWO and they will actually be profitable for once.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, will the FCC force Buckeye Cable to pay and then we have a mad dash of other stations trying the samething or will Buckeye Cable just start showing the Detroit NBC station.

Greatest Season

With the unbearable heat of summer almost over we begin my favorite season... football season. I love me some football, and The Wife said something the other day that made me want to ravage her on the spot. "How much do you think it would cost of the football plan?" When we moved, we got a deal with Embarq to get Dish Network free for a year. The only problem is that we got a very basic plan that was OK, but did not have a lot of sports options. We found out we can upgrade to the Top 250 plan and holy crap is there a lot of sports and awesome channels! So for a little more money I now can watch every Bowling Green game that will be televised, The Wife and I also can watch all the Ohio State games. We do not have the ESPN plus, but I don't need it this year.

The one thing we do not have is the NFL package, and that's where Shawn and Melissa come in. You see they have Direct TV and Shawn recently will be moved off Sundays. So after they have baby Cash, The Wife can watch Cash and Shawn and I can watch football. All I have to say is my ass is going to hurt from all the football I will be watching. I might have to get a home nurse to roll me over so I don't get bed sores... FOOTBALL!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Since we moved into the new house, we have neglected Lucy a little. It's little things like not taking her to the dog park or giving her walks. So last week Lucy started to act up. It started last week when she was left alone for 11 hours. She made a huge mess that included a bunch of those flavored packets you pour into water, so we now have a rug that ruined. The next day, she got a hold of a weight ball and poured all the sand out and it covered the bedroom. A few days later she destroyed a couple of books in the bed room. We could tell Lucy knew that she was in trouble, yet we couldn't punish her because it was our fault.

Friday we started to take Lucy out on walks, I walked her almost three miles and lets just say, she never moved from the couch till Mikki came home. This morning Lucy was wound up and Mikki had a headache so with a bad leg I had to take her on a walk. I had to take her, she was going crazy and this was they only way I could get it all out of her.

After the walk she is now laying on the living room floor. So the lesson of this story is, walk Lucy or she will destroy everything in the house.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ouch Town, Population Me

Now that the Olympics are over, I should have more time and energy to write again, yet before I get to anything interesting I have to do a softball post. I know, my last post was a softball post, but I did something totally out of character for me... I injured myself.

OK, I know that is in character for me, but I wanted it to sound interesting. I was having a decent night at the plate. I went 2 for 3 with 1 RBI and 1 run. It didn't help much because we got crushed by a team that should not be playing in our D level. They were crushing the ball and everyone could field. Why are they playing us, they were too good. We are a bunch of crappy players that just want to play and hope that we don't get embarrassed. We were down to our last three outs and I got an up the middle single. The next batter hit a weak dribbler towards third and as I was about to hit second I felt my thigh/quad muscle pull and I screamed and went tumbling over second base.

You know it was bad when the other team asks "Dude, are you OK?" I try to walk it off and "rub dirt on it," but I pulled myself out of the game and I was near tears. I would rank this in the top ten most painful moments. It's right behind my knee popping which led to surgery, my tendon in my thumb and the X-ray tech popping the tendon back into place, slipping on an ice pack and falling down a flight of stairs ripping all the skin off my toe and breaking my foot playing basketball.

Why do I try and play sports, it always ends up the same way, me on the ground holding some body part. Yet I know I will try to play in our "playoff game" in two weeks and possible play in the fall. I better bump up my medical holdings next year.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We have completed eight games and we have only two games left (three more if we win the last one and continue into the playoffs). So far I have been improving, but I still... now do I say this... I suck. I'm batting 5 for 14 so my average is about .357. If I was in the majors I'd be an All-Star, but it's not, so in a low end softball league I'm sucking pretty bad.

Fielding is just as bad if not worse. In the beginning I could do nothing right at third base. Now, I only make maybe two or three mistakes a game. My biggest problem now is over throwing bases, or freaking out in my head and not throwing at all.

Luckily for the most part we are in a low competitive league and we for the most part have fun. Even with my bad play we are 3-5 and that's an improvement over the spring season when the team went 1-9.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Calling it!

It's over, I'm calling it and we have a winner. Shawn and Melissa will call their child Cash. Cash took an early lead and never looked back, the only question was would he get a majority. Within the last few weeks it would only take four votes to any other person to throw the race into chaos. Well, it got a little closer, but has has a 51% majority and the race is over. Nathan (13) almost lost second place to J Dog (11), it's pretty bad when the joke name almost beats you out. That's how bad the name Nathan is. Coming up in last was my favorite option Englebert (3), it took him nearly three weeks to get his first vote.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Behind The Spoof

About a month ago the minister came up to me and had an idea for a video. At the time it sounded great, until it was time to do the thing. As a lot of things, time and resources became major issues and it started to make me regret telling the church I knew how to shoot and edit video.

After all the arguing and gnashing of teeth, three videos emerged and I think they are pretty good. There are a lot of issues for a editing and shooting aspect, but considering some of the stuff I've seen our church and others use, this is near Academy Awards-esque for them.

The video concept is simple it's a spoof on Behind the Music and the Jonas Brothers that ties in the story of Jonah. I wrote out a rough script the night before we shot the video and luckily the three characters are really good at ad libing and taking my outline and going crazy with it.

So far the reactions I have heard have been positive, but most are from people I know or people who know the guys in the videos. I enjoy these videos and to be honest, I am glad this project is over.

Monday, August 11, 2008

On Line Games

I'm not a huge gamer, but at times when work is slow, I like to go on line and find an easy game to play to make the time go faster. Last week I found a new game called Now Boarding, you run an airline and you have to get people to and from their destinations. You may be thinking this is the stupidest game you have ever hear, but don't knock it till you tried it. All I know is that I can't stop playing the stupid game.

Then things got serious with the game, Shawn saw me playing it and thought it was stupid till he started playing. Now he is addicted and we have somehow turned it into a competition. I was in the lead through out the week with a score around 230,000. I was happy with the score, I played it a little bit over the weekend, nothing great, I thought that was a tough score to beat. I get a text message with a score in the 256,000 range. I go into attack mode and this morning I threw down a 275,000. Of course I sent that to Shawn and this is the response: I've now got my day off planned. He is going to try and beat me.

It's getting out of hand, yet I am not going to stop. I'm beating this will last the rest of this week and then we will move onto another game.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

He's Back!

Thanks to the greatest co-workers EVER;

Gilbert is ALIVE!!!!!!!!

From what I have gathered Shawn read the post about how Gilbert met his maker and screamed, Gilbert is dead. A hoard of people came over and read the sad post and took action. A collection was made and these generous souls bought a new Gilbert. Hoozah co-workers, hoozah!

Now I have to work on the gnomadic gnome page with all the new updates.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Drive Home

OK, I wanted to do a wrap post on Monday, but because it took forever to get home, I'll wait till Tuesday. You see, when we left Tennessee it was around 5ish and we thought we'd get home around 10:30. Some how 10:30 ended up being midnight, I still can't figure it out. We made two longish stops, but nothing longer than a half hour. For some strange reason I felt like I was driving in place the entire trip. I never felt like I was getting any closer to Greensboro, once I got to Greensboro Durham could not get any closer. I'm probably the only person to get excited about getting to Durham.

I can't figure out what happened with the drive back. I have never had a drive that long take so much out of me. When I was in Toledo it was 5 hours from there to Ironton and I would do it after working overnights and it never felt like the drive on Sunday.