Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wake Me On November 5th

I am sitting in the newsroom finishing a story and for some reason I decided to watch another Presidential debate and to be honest I feel even less like voting for either of these clowns. It feels like this election has been going on for a couple of years and over the last few months I feel like it's been a constant stream of political attack adds and I just want this whole thing to be over.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama have made this election another muckfest with attacks on each other and have helped lower the expectation of our leaders. I'm tired of the Democrats attacking McCains age, his connection to Bush and how insane Palin is. I am tired of the Republicans trying to connect Obama to terrorists, Arab and inexperienced. I have an idea, why don't you actually talk to us about how you are going to make us a better country not how your opponent is going to destroy it. I understand you need to go over your "talking points" but I have not really heard anything that will make me want to vote for them.

I love how I keep hearing how this is a "historic election." How do we know this? Did Dr Brown come back in the Delorean and tell us that this was historic? Only time can tell us how historic this election will be. Yes, I understand this is the first major party to have an African American and this is the second time a woman is running for Vice President, but that it. Who knows this could turn out to be Pierce vs Scott and both of these guys will end up as footnotes. We need to stop call every Presidential election as historic.

I still think this country is ripe for a new major political party, but it probably will never happen. The Democrats and Republicans have become too polarized for their own good. Yet with the political stronghold these two parties have over the media and the country it will take a miracle for a new party to form and have any chance of succeeding or has a new party already has made inroads and that's why I am voting for Wiggum.

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