Friday, December 12, 2008

Not So Negative Post

I know the last post was... well, a little bitter, but now I have some decent news. I've saved us some money for a few months. Thanks to the craptacular economy a lot of companies have plans for people like me. I just got an economic hardship deferment from my student loan. My car loan people said I was ahead on my payments and I don't have to pay till February and everything else will be put on the back end.

Then there is the biggie.. the mortgage, right now nothing is happening, but Kevin Martini said he is going to look into things and see if I can push some payments around. If I can get two months put onto the back end of this mortgage that will save us a huge amount of money that we can then use to pay COBRA and maybe get a few other bills down.

If you have been laid off or are to be, call your loan people early on, they want there money not your house or car. They will try and help, if you call when you are in serious trouble... ti might be tougher. Be proactive not reactive.

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