Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've fallen and I can't go to work!

Since my last post I've gotten married, had a honeymoon and I think my wife is trying to kill me, or that's what I like telling people. This past Sunday we started to put things away. We had just finished the kitchen and I asked. "What should I do now?" She tells me to go upstairs and get the laundry. I go up grab the basket and start down the stairs. Well she had put a freezer pack on the from our Pyrex carrier. I did not see said freezer pack so I stepped on it with my right foot, which led to my left foot being pulled behind me. I ripped open my big toe and hurt my knee. Luckily my knee was OK. But the toe has seen better days. It has finally stopped swelling and now is starting to bruise. It hurts like hell and I can't walk very well so I get a few more days off work. Normally that's great, but I am getting bored! I can't go out because, well it hurts to walk. So I'm in the house watching movies and trying to clean a little. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can go out and see the world.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bachelor Party

Well last night was my "last night" as a "free man." So of course I had a bachelor party and I believe we had a good time. The night started with my older brother, Shorty (best man), Wilson (grooms man) and my 23 year old nephew.

Around 9:00 we got to Claddaghs Irish pub where we had a few brews and watched the Cavs lose to the Pistons. My brother, from outside Detroit, was hitting on a server who was cheering for the cavs and bet her five the Cavs would lose. He won, she kept the money and that was that.

By 10:30 nobody from work showed and I mean nobody! So I'm getting a little depressed, but then I hear. "Let's go to a tah-tah bar." So we head out to Dockside Dolls a "gentleman's" establishment you know guys in top hats and monocles like this guy, but we get there and there are woman with out shirts on! This not what we wanted! Out rage! Out ra... Well hello there nice lady. Would like a dollar? As one of my old sports guys Sean would say "I love boobies." and who doesn't.

So We are there enjoying the festivities and I notice my brother it "talking" to the waitress WAY too much and then a guy in a vest, this can not be good. I later here the DJ say "I hear we have a bachelor party in the house to night, J-Dog get on that stage." CRAP! So of course two ladies and I shake hands, talk about the weather and all that "other stuff that happens on stage." Then I hear Jeremy get on all fours. Rut row Shaggy. Who has a belt we need two of them. You can figure out what happens next, I'm being whipped like a dog owned by a hillbilly. One girl I swear hit me with the buckle on the same spot FOUR TIMES. Then I have a 90 lb stripper on my back and I'm crawling on the stage.

"OK Jeremy now it's time for the girls turn for a dance." Wrong move MR. DJ I"m full of Smithwicks and Killians so I'm ready to dance. I do all the top stripper moves and they are laughing there half naked asses off. I actually get a dollar from another stripper that's how good it was. The bachelor party's favorite moment is when I do the breast wiggle in there faces.

Besides that and a few "conversations on a couch" nothing much happened else happened at the club. So Shorty takes me home and that's where the problem starts. I can't find my house keys. I had left them in my car and the only one with a key is "the future wife." She is not happy with the 1:30am I need keys drunk call. Shorty drives me over I get a key and get into bed.

Over all I'd say this was a good night.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MP3 Fun

Columbus radio is the worst radio in the world. So this morning I finally gave up... Again, and listened to my MP3 player and here is the interesting mix I got:

  1. Ash- Burn Baby Burn
  2. Duran Duran- Girls on Film
  3. Barenaked Ladies- Million Dollars
  4. Barenaked Ladies- million Dollars Live (Skipped)
  5. Chicago- Turn Away (Skipped)
  6. Toad the Wet Sprocket- Walk on the Ocean Live
  7. Beck- E-Pro
  8. Beastie Boys- Brass Monkey

I don't know what is up with the back to back BNL, but overall much better than "Gregg-O in the Morning."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Just Elope!

In Less than one week I will be getting married. Before you go all "That is wonderful!" on me getting to the wedding is pure HELL! It seems all we do is argue over little things. We decided to do our own invitations and programs, which was a mistake. We printed off 200 invitations, and then found a typo. Then we could not agree on how to do the programs then they are taking forever. I love my soon to be wife, but seriously I'm going to kill her. If you are going to get engage or are planning a wedding DON'T! Just go to Vegas.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tape Delay Live Blogging

This is probably the first every usage of that phrase, and I hope it catches on.

I had a chance to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for work this past Thursday. This is one of my favorite days of the year. I am not a big racing fan but it's THE FREAKING INDIANAPOLIS 500!!! If you have not gone GO NOW. The sights and sounds are overwhelming and it's hard for me to explain. I just love it. Since I don't have a wireless connection or a laptop I wrote down some of the events of the day.

5:00AM Alarm goes off... SNOOZE

5:09 AM Alarm goes off... SNOOZE

5:10 AM I decide to get up and stumble around my apartment until I realize that I have to be at work by 6:00. Take a shower and all that fun stuff.

6:00 AM Roll into work, grab my Explorer fill the gas tank.

6:30 AM Grab my gear and go into the sports office to find Chud (sports anchor/ reporter) and Katie (associate producer). That's where I find out that Chud only got two hours of sleep, Katie had four and I got the most at six, so I get to drive the three hours to Indianapolis.

6:50 - 7:30 AM I've near killed us, I'm tired and I swear I did not see that truck break in front of me. During the drive Katie asks "Man what radio station is this? It's playing an awesome set." I had to break it to her that it was my MP3 player and we have a lengthy discussion about FM transmitters and where did I find mine. As the conversation ends one of the "future wife's" songs come on: "This is how a heart breaks" By Rob Thomas. I hit the next song button.

10:00 AM Arrive at the speedway. Get out credinals. Huzzah! Off to get interviews and video!

10:15 AM Ummm, wow, there is not a window over Terra Haute. With the threat of rain, no one is getting ready to practice, so this could be good. We get our interviews faster and we can go home at a reasonable time, but no video. I love getting to shoot the divers from the pits. It's a bit of an adrenaline rush, the cars are pulling in and out of the pits, guys running around doing technical car stuff and I'm right there over the wall smiling like a jack-a-ninny. Also getting home before 8:00... Would be nice.

10:16 AM We go to the paddock and see if we can get the drivers. Danica Patrick, Buddy Rice and the new guy Jeff Simmons. We were told to be there around 10 so no big deal.

10:20 AM We try and get Team Hemelgarn who has teamed up with Carmelo Anthony and Gene Simmons. Umm that is an interesting combination, plus their driver, P. J. Chesson, is quit interesting (more on him later). We find out Carmelo and Gene won't be there till probably race day and Roger won't get to Indy till Monday, but on the bright side P.J. will be in later.

10:30 AM We go back to Rahal Letterman and finally find the PR guy Brent. He tells us we can get Danica about 3:30 and Buddy and Jeff will be some time soon, but they are talking to some sponsors. We contemplate lunch, but decided to do some stand-ups.

10:40 AM Chud tells us. "I'm not a fast car guy. I don't get out of bed and go, oh yeah fast cars."

10:50 AM

Guy in Blue : So ummm, do you think they gonna race?

Guy in Black: Well I heard there was a window over Terra Haute.

Guy in Blue: That's good, so do you wanna see if we can get Helios' autograph?

Guy in Black: I am so there!

11:00 AM Fate thy name be lady luck! We start taping out Sam Hornish stand-ups when Brent comes out and waves us over and I see Danica... SCORE we have an interview. We go inside talk to Danica, then Simmons and last is Buddy. All three were great interviews and we got just about every sound we need: How has Danica's life changes in the last year, How hard is it for Simmons to replace Paul Dana (R.I.P.) and how hard will it be for Buddy to get his second win at the 500. I'm happy and now it's time for lunch.

11:30 AM Indy 500 has a great lunch for media and it's staff. Today was either quality cold cuts or a Gyro. Katie and I braved the delicious, but messy gyro and Chud had a ginormous sandwich that exploded everywhere. Good times.

Noon We hear that they will be racing in 30 minutes. I'm happy as a little school girl.

12:30 PM We head back over to the Hemelgarn garage and we see P.J.

Just from one interview I want this guy to win! He's covered in tattoos and says what ever is on his mind. Here are some of the major moments in our interview:

  • Called Hemelgarn a bad ass Ohio guy, Carmelo an NBAer with watches the size of hub caps and Gene "An Israeli jew from Brooklyn with a tongue that goes below his uh (long pause) his belt.. Buckle. You know what he wanted to say. It's in that area and I wish we would have said it.
  • Calls himself a crazy son of a bitch
  • Tells a story about punching out a tattoo guy.
  • Says Tony Stewart needs to loose 20 pounds

Even though he sounds a little "different" he has one at every level he has raced. If nothing happens I think he can do some damage in the IRL

1:30 PM We have some racing. First on the track is the pens Racing Team with Napoleon native Sam Hornish Jr. I get a little video and one nice picture of Sam on the Track.

2:00 PM I head over to Rahal Letterman pits and all three are either on the track or in the pits and this is where I realize I do not have an "Over the wall" ribbon. I still jump the wall and act like I'm suppose to be there. I love this part of the day, I'm feet away from the cars. If one of the drivers loose there breaks I'm in a world of pain. It's worth all the risks. That's Danica's Car.

3:00 PM We get to leave the speedway and start back to the 'Bus and five minutes after we are on the road we find out Buddy has crashed. Oddly enough the exact same thing happened last year.

4:00 PM So is that Columbus, Ohio Oregon or Oklahoma? You make the call

5:00 PM Finally what post would this be without a Bimbo

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blowing my own horn.

Some have asked (well nobody really, because nobody know this blog is out there) "J-Dog tell me a little about yourself." Here are a few tid-bits about who I am and what makes me tick. Looking at that picture some may not want to know what makes me tick. All I have to say is that I was poor and needed the money so don't judge me.

  • I'm a news photographer- Now when I say this most will think "So you work for a news paper?" Ney! I work in TV. "So you are a cameraman?" This is where I would normally punch you in the face. Alas I haven't found away to cross cyberspace to do this. Long story short I take pictures 30 per second, and I tell stories with these pictures.
  • I'm 30- Damn you age!
  • Sports- I love sports! As a guy I have that gene, I don't know what it is, but to sit and watch countless hours of football, hockey and baseball just makes my day. I guess that is why I (at times) love my job. I get to do a lot of sports shoots and I'm still amazed that I get paid to watch sports, well watch sports with a 26 pound camera on my shoulder
  • Favorite TV shows- Oddly enough there are very few shows I have to watch but the list is a strong one Simpsons, Lost, 24 and Law & Order.
  • "Are you single?" Sorry ladies I am off the market (Why are you laughing... You can stop now... No seriously stop it!). I'm getting married on May 21st to a lovely lady who will be known as either "Future wife" or as "The wife" just to keep names out of it.
  • Over all there is not a lot to me I think I'm interesting and funny, but I'll let the world decide that.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Welcome ladies and gentlemen!

As I sit at my computer waiting for my MP3 player to sync with my computer; I realized that this world does not have enough blogs. What we need is one more person to add clutter to the world wide web (Mr Al Gore sheds a tear as he reads this post.. well I can dream can't I?). Hopefully in there near future I will be able to create something that you may want to read and feel compelled to come back and read my rantings.