Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Really? An Empty Snack Bag?

I got an email from Shawn about how my former chief Barnard had found some items in my truck and Shawn had them. I kept wondering what was in the box and some of the items were things I wanted. Like a card from The Wife tell me how much she loved me and my Netflix DVDs I was going to return on the day of dread.

Then there were some items that made me wonder and all three are pictured to the left. First, a nearly empty bag of potato chips. Why would you put those in there and also he put them on the bottom so what little chips that were in there are now dust. Second, a hair brush... I know some male reporters have hair brushes, but I have short hair and don't even use a comb. Some reporter left it, so if you are missing a brush leave a comment or call me and I can return it. Finally a map of Wake, Durham and Orange counties... that the station gave me... two years ago... that are missing almost all of I-540 and the 64 bypass.

I have mixed feelings about this box, mainly because said chief never called to ask me if I wanted any of this. I know he hates confrontations, but come on man, I worked with you for two years at least call me and tell me you gave the box to Shawn. I feel like management thinks I have leprosy and they can get it if they call me. Reason #95 to get out of news.

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