Monday, August 11, 2008

On Line Games

I'm not a huge gamer, but at times when work is slow, I like to go on line and find an easy game to play to make the time go faster. Last week I found a new game called Now Boarding, you run an airline and you have to get people to and from their destinations. You may be thinking this is the stupidest game you have ever hear, but don't knock it till you tried it. All I know is that I can't stop playing the stupid game.

Then things got serious with the game, Shawn saw me playing it and thought it was stupid till he started playing. Now he is addicted and we have somehow turned it into a competition. I was in the lead through out the week with a score around 230,000. I was happy with the score, I played it a little bit over the weekend, nothing great, I thought that was a tough score to beat. I get a text message with a score in the 256,000 range. I go into attack mode and this morning I threw down a 275,000. Of course I sent that to Shawn and this is the response: I've now got my day off planned. He is going to try and beat me.

It's getting out of hand, yet I am not going to stop. I'm beating this will last the rest of this week and then we will move onto another game.


The Wife said...

No wander the grass is 5 miles high, and you can't see the new house because the bushes are so tall. Looks like I have to do everything. ;)

Schattenjager said...

"not a big gamer" When did that change? I seem to remember a time when you had a keyboard surgically attached to your wrists.

Schattenjager said...

Perhaps you were a recovering gaming addict and you have fallen off the wagon?