Monday, September 22, 2008

The Longest Weekend: Part 1

The Father-in-law was honored at this past weekend's Ohio State game so we made a quick weekend drive to Columbus, that sounds like a nice easy weekend... Wrong!

It all started with a text message on Thursday afternoon, The Wife mentions that I could play golf on Friday afternoon, but we would have to leave after I get off work. To make this part of the story short, I could not get into the golf game, but we left that night any ways. When we first moved to North Carolina we would drive to Beckley, West Virginia because that is a nice cheap mid point. That was until I started to get off work at midnights. Instead of getting there around 1 or 2 like we use to, it's now 5AM. I was having problems driving that late, I was swerving all over the road and nodding off every once in a while. Last time I checked that's a bad thing to do while driving through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.

Friday we arose around 10AM so we got less than five hours of sleep. I drive till we get breakfast at the greatest breakfast place in West Virginia... Tudor's Biscuit World. If you have not had the wonderful biscuit sandwiches, then you need to drive to the closest store and buy one.

After the deliciousness in our bellies, The Wife drives as I get a quick nap so I can finish the drive. About an hour later I wake up and I see a blurry sign that looks familiar. With the signs for a shopping mall and the hills around it I swore I was in Huntington, WVa. I put my glasses on and ask The Wife where are we. She tells me just past the Huntington Mall. This would not be a bad thing if we were on our way to my parents, but we were going to Columbus and this is very bad. The sound on the GPS was down she missed to turn to head north on I-77, then missed the second option in Hurricane, WVa. I try and clear the fog in my head as The Wife panics because she thinks I am mad, I tell her to keep driving. I did not realize we were right by the interstate so we continue on WV Route 2. We followed Route 2 and the Ohio River for and hour till we hit the only bridge between Huntington and Parkersburg. With the time lost that negated the entire reason for leaving Thursday night.

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Lauren said...

remember in WV they would always make jokes like, 'just take a at left at Tudor's and you'll eventually find what you're looking for'