Friday, October 31, 2008

The End of the Night

Well, the night ended in with its usual flair of last minute craptitude. Everything was running pretty smooth and then everything went to hell in a hand basket. We were scrambling to get on the air of 11 and some how barely made it... many obscenities were said in multiple 100 yard dashes to and from the live truck.

Besides work, Franklin St crowd was a lot smaller this year and part of the reason seems to be the roads in and out of town (the police were routing most of the traffic through one street and because they did not close the street off till after 10. Yet there was much to be seen, the biggest costumes were pretty obvious

  • Sara Palin

  • The Joker

  • Batman

  • bee outfits (slutty and guy)

  • pirates

As I mentioned last year I always love the "slutty" outfits, it’s strange that young girls (and some older ones that did not need to be slutty) strut around in barely anything and I have to look at it. I kept telling The Wife that they were everywhere and I could not but accidental gaze upone them for a split second.
Besides that it was a typical Halloween, maybe one day I will not be stuck in a giant truck doing work and I will be wearing a cool costume... maybe the sea captain from the Simpsons, or Ponch from CHiPs

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