Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I've had a bad feeling for a while about this job, but I took it as I was overly paranoid. I even had co workers tell me that. I mean even last night I had a bad feeling and it was mentioned that they would get laid off before me. Well, I walk into WNCN NBC17 also of mync.com and the news director walks me to GM's office and I have been laid off.

Of course I am running through the gambit of emotions, especially anger because I was lied to to get me into the building earlier. I called the news director Nannette out about this and she was upset that I called her deceitful for telling me I was needed for a special project. If you are going to fire me don't lie to me, be upfront about it. Telling me you had a special project was wrong. There is a history of this behavior so I shouldn't be too shocked. How can companies do this on the eve of holidays? I understand Media General is leaking money like a sieve (thank you print division) and things had to be done. Yet, did management take a cut, did they fire a few of the unneeded management? No they cut who they thought were expendable, I am that person.

So now I am thinking what the hell do I do. I mean I was about to post about The Wife being pregnant. She's now five weeks along and we have no insurance. We freaking bought a house in July. I am a man in a field that no long is needed. I have fallen the way of the dodo and do not know what to do. Do I up and move again? Do I try and stick it out in Raleigh and hope something works out? I don't know, I've gotten past my first step which was getting out of the fetal position on my kitchen floor. Next step... either grab a bottle of bourbon or go to the church office and work on a new resume tape.


Erin1122 said...

Jeremy, I'm so sorry! I know how it feels. Keep faith, everything will work out!

djl said...


Um, congratulations on the pregnancy?

If there's anything I can do to help, please, please let me know. I have a feeling a whole lot of us are going to be unemployed sooner rather than later.

J Dog said...

The news business is dead, well if not dead, on it's death bed at least. Idiot managers and consultants have ripped open the goose to find all the golden eggs and can't figure out why they can't find more eggs. When we were told in a meeting it's not about quality, I knew I was in trouble.