Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

This past weekend Lucy turned 1. So we have now had her for 8 months and what an interesting 8 months it has been. It doesn't feel like 8 months, I can still driving up to the house of the lady that had Lucy and seeing her run onto the porch. Back then she was about 22 pounds and as of her last check up she's now 54 pounds.

The best thing about having her is when I get home from a bad day at work and she is so excited to see me she wags her entire lower half then I have to lean down so she can lick my nose. I know we have had some issues like, Oh I don't know eating our couch and destroying things. We figured out part of the problem... anxiety, Lucy only gets really destructive on Sunday mornings when we both leave early and don't get back home till around 1.

Then I took some flack when people thought I was calling Lucy stupid. I wasn't calling her that, but I have learned she is very smart. We took her to PetSmart for puppy training and the trainer helped us get Lucy under control a little and we also found out she is very smart. She learned to play dead within an hour, the trainer has never had a dog learn play dead that fast. She also can spin in circles and we are half way to learning to leave treat on her nose.

For all the destroyed couches and stuffed animals, I can not imagine what it would be like not to have Lucy. Hopefully we will have her from a very long time.

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