Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Reason to Hate Facebook

Yesterday was a bad day, but facebook made it a little tougher. Yes I had a lot of people telling me they would pray and help out, but to see the status got to me a little. Before I go into this, if you are one of these people I am not mad at you, I'm mad at WNCN NBC17 for taking my job away. I kept seeing status updates that involved statements like "it's a sad day," or "rough day." I felt angry, they were the ones who kept their jobs. Come talk to me about a bad day with a pregnant wife and a mortgage with no local options for the field I was in. I'll stop there for now, this is going to be a long holiday.


Donner said...

Nobody's offended, Jeremy. We know it can't possibly be easy for you. I personally feel helpless because there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe everyone is sad because they feel the same way. Just a thought.

J Dog said...

I know, I'm just bitter... wait, wasn't I bitter with the job?