Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Welcomed at Moe's

On Thursday of last week I walked by the assignment desk and saw a press release from Moe's Southwest Grill. Their Cary store had sold over one million burritos and they were giving away free burritos for a year to the first 50 people. If I were to rank my favorite burrito places it would be


Cosmic Burrito (If they had more than one location or a location not in Durham it would be number one.)

Salsa Fresh (Another single store, but they have awesome authentic tamales.)



Shawn on the other hand has Moe's at the top of his list and I'm not going to turn away a chance at free burritos for a year. We decide to leave Wake Forest at 8:45 and get there a little after 9:00. We see long line and know it's going to be close. We get out and get to the end of the line and find out that we are around 60th in line. Crap, but there are some small kids and the sorts and maybe the contest will be only one per family. Then the other problem were the majority of those at the front of the line... drunken college and high school students. Holy crap, these guys were drunk of their asses. I'm not talking about a little tipsy, I mean screaming obscenities and from what we heard in the middle of the night the cops were called out because they found a dumpster and were throwing people in it and shoving it down the parking lot.

We started to get a little down trodden but then things got worse. Someone from Moe's came out side to take names of the first 50. All of the sudden a mass of humanity started filing out of cars and jumping into the line. They had people saving spots for them and so we were shoved even further back. A manager type guy was walking around and another dejected soul asks him about the line jumpers and what about us. We know we are not going to get the free year, but at least we deserve a free burrito because of the line problems. He says he will see what he can do and then never comes back. The dejected soul gets a little mad about being ignored goes up and asks again. We are out of luck, we might get a T-shirt or something called Moe's bucks, but nothing else.

Shawn and I leave, Moe's did a really bad job at this promotion. I don't think they realized that people would camp out over night in a driving rain storm for burritos. Nor did they realize that most of them would be drunk and probably underage (How do I know they are underage, they were talking about what high school they will have to transfer to next year). No organization was thought of and now they have a group of about 50 that are mad because they were shafted by this disorganization. I know Shawn will probably go back to Moe's, but I will think twice. I'd rather go burrito less than have to think about the stupidity of that morning.

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