Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Behind The Spoof

About a month ago the minister came up to me and had an idea for a video. At the time it sounded great, until it was time to do the thing. As a lot of things, time and resources became major issues and it started to make me regret telling the church I knew how to shoot and edit video.

After all the arguing and gnashing of teeth, three videos emerged and I think they are pretty good. There are a lot of issues for a editing and shooting aspect, but considering some of the stuff I've seen our church and others use, this is near Academy Awards-esque for them.

The video concept is simple it's a spoof on Behind the Music and the Jonas Brothers that ties in the story of Jonah. I wrote out a rough script the night before we shot the video and luckily the three characters are really good at ad libing and taking my outline and going crazy with it.

So far the reactions I have heard have been positive, but most are from people I know or people who know the guys in the videos. I enjoy these videos and to be honest, I am glad this project is over.

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