Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ohio Round Trip

We are getting ready to hit the road for the lovely three city run in Ohio; Ironton, Columbus and Troy. With the whole lay off thing this trip has been a burden and a blessing all in one. The good thing was I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Day so we decided to leave earlier. This will be the first time since I left ONN that I will have Christmas off, I don't have to go to a movie theater and ask people why a movie on Christmas or any other stupid news angle to fill time. I feel so excited, I'm like a normal person again!

We will have some internet black holes when we are in Columbus (I think that's hilarious, when we are in the biggest city on our trip we will be without internet), but I will try and do a trip blog. I may even try and figure out how to mobile blog and do that on the road.

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Schattenjager said...

Let me know when you hit the "I" section of the I, C, T trip.