Friday, November 21, 2008

State Of Panic

While working a live shot last night for the 6pm show, I heard weather guy say, we were going to have flurries. For the norther states this is nothing new, but immediately groaned and knew stupidity was about to arrive.

Five to ten minuets later I get a text message warning us (all photographers) that we maybe called in from 2AM-10AM to shoot snow. Seriously, we were wanting to go nuts over flurries. I know we had a little flurries the other day and a couple of us got some video, but to panic this much is ridiculous. When The Wife woke up she noticed a dusting of snow, but by the time I woke, it was all gone. We freaked out for this? Well it's because I'm in North Carolina... WRONG!

I open up my iGoogle page and I noticed that WSAZ out of Huntington, WVa had breaking news! I know it sounds odd that I have a Huntington feed, but it's the only station that I can get a reasonable amount of news from Ironton. So what was the breaking news "Slick Roads Causing Problems." What, who ever heard such a thing, slick roads means I might have to be cautious while driving? That you WSAZ! I know I'm being a little cynical over this, but why is that breaking news. Breaking news is like the town of Poca is on fire or the Governor just freed all the prisoners at South Central Correctional Center not the roads are slick.

We need to stop this freaking people out over the sublime, if you want to do a story about slick roads warning people to drive slow that's fine, just don't throw out the all caps BREAKING NEWS.

Back to North Carolina, I understand people freak out over the littlest of winter time weather, but we don't have to encourage it. If we say flurries, treat it like that. Tell the morning crew to shoot a little and if it's still going on have the day siders shoot some. I'm getting to cynical for TV news.

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Donner said...

What you say makes complete sense. I guess that's why we don't do it.