Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greatest Season

With the unbearable heat of summer almost over we begin my favorite season... football season. I love me some football, and The Wife said something the other day that made me want to ravage her on the spot. "How much do you think it would cost of the football plan?" When we moved, we got a deal with Embarq to get Dish Network free for a year. The only problem is that we got a very basic plan that was OK, but did not have a lot of sports options. We found out we can upgrade to the Top 250 plan and holy crap is there a lot of sports and awesome channels! So for a little more money I now can watch every Bowling Green game that will be televised, The Wife and I also can watch all the Ohio State games. We do not have the ESPN plus, but I don't need it this year.

The one thing we do not have is the NFL package, and that's where Shawn and Melissa come in. You see they have Direct TV and Shawn recently will be moved off Sundays. So after they have baby Cash, The Wife can watch Cash and Shawn and I can watch football. All I have to say is my ass is going to hurt from all the football I will be watching. I might have to get a home nurse to roll me over so I don't get bed sores... FOOTBALL!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!

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