Monday, August 04, 2008

Drive Home

OK, I wanted to do a wrap post on Monday, but because it took forever to get home, I'll wait till Tuesday. You see, when we left Tennessee it was around 5ish and we thought we'd get home around 10:30. Some how 10:30 ended up being midnight, I still can't figure it out. We made two longish stops, but nothing longer than a half hour. For some strange reason I felt like I was driving in place the entire trip. I never felt like I was getting any closer to Greensboro, once I got to Greensboro Durham could not get any closer. I'm probably the only person to get excited about getting to Durham.

I can't figure out what happened with the drive back. I have never had a drive that long take so much out of me. When I was in Toledo it was 5 hours from there to Ironton and I would do it after working overnights and it never felt like the drive on Sunday.

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