Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ouch Town, Population Me

Now that the Olympics are over, I should have more time and energy to write again, yet before I get to anything interesting I have to do a softball post. I know, my last post was a softball post, but I did something totally out of character for me... I injured myself.

OK, I know that is in character for me, but I wanted it to sound interesting. I was having a decent night at the plate. I went 2 for 3 with 1 RBI and 1 run. It didn't help much because we got crushed by a team that should not be playing in our D level. They were crushing the ball and everyone could field. Why are they playing us, they were too good. We are a bunch of crappy players that just want to play and hope that we don't get embarrassed. We were down to our last three outs and I got an up the middle single. The next batter hit a weak dribbler towards third and as I was about to hit second I felt my thigh/quad muscle pull and I screamed and went tumbling over second base.

You know it was bad when the other team asks "Dude, are you OK?" I try to walk it off and "rub dirt on it," but I pulled myself out of the game and I was near tears. I would rank this in the top ten most painful moments. It's right behind my knee popping which led to surgery, my tendon in my thumb and the X-ray tech popping the tendon back into place, slipping on an ice pack and falling down a flight of stairs ripping all the skin off my toe and breaking my foot playing basketball.

Why do I try and play sports, it always ends up the same way, me on the ground holding some body part. Yet I know I will try to play in our "playoff game" in two weeks and possible play in the fall. I better bump up my medical holdings next year.

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