Friday, November 28, 2008

BG Hoops

Living in North Carolina, I do not get many chances to see many BG sports, so when Julie the sister told me that the BG women are going to be in Greensboro I was in. I know what a lot of people are thinking... really, women college basketball? First of all it's BG, second, they play a pretty exciting game. Three, if it was not for BG women I would not be the shooter that I am today and finally my sister does a highlight reel every year (the reason why I am awesome at shooting sports).

It's an easy hour fifteen to Greensboro from Wake Forest and it was strange to see BG there. Also it was almost a home game. I kid you not at the start of the game it was about 50 BG fans and 9 other people. By the end of the game it was 50/50 (because UNC Greensboro was playing next).

The woman played a good bad game. They would have moments of greatness and then flatten out and bottom out before another moment of greatness. They are a pretty young team and are still learning to play together. They play Saturday against UNC Greensboro and hopefully won't have too many bad moments.

Because of this I missed BG beating Toledo. Sorry Greg Brandon, I guess I'm a bad BG fan for see the women play instead of rolling the dice and seeing which team in what half would show up.

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