Friday, October 10, 2008


I had one of those days at work so when I got home I grabbed a cigar a beer and my iPod and watched a couple of Simpsons episodes. One in particular was Bart the Daredevil, the main plot of the episode is Bart's attempt at becoming a daredevil, but that's not the part of the story that I am writing about. I'm writing about the beginning and the name sake of this episode.

The episode starts of with Bart and Homer watching a wrestling match at different locations. During my youth wrestling was a father and son event. I remember sitting there with my dad watching plenty of matches, I was still at the age where I thought wresting was real. My father was a little smarter than Homer in the fact he knew it was all staged, yet he still allowed me to think it was real.

Then a commercial pops up in the episode promoting a monster truck rally featuring Truckasaurus. When I was Bart's age for some reason monster truck rallies were huge. To this day I have no idea why, but it was the 80s and well, that was a weird time for all. My sister Julie use to work at a local UHF station and she would have have the abilities to get free tickets for all of these rallies. Of course I would beg her to get us a couple and on occasion we could go. Along with the monster trucks they would have side show attractions and there was actually a Truckasaurus. I never had the chance to see it, but as a 10 year old it was my dream, yet he never came to the Tri-State area.

Why was a giant robot dinosaur truck so big? It couldn't do much, it would pick up a car, put it in it's metal mouth and chomp down and throw some flames. Wait a second, that does sound kind of kick ass. I wonder if Truckasaurus will make a return trip and come to Raleigh?
Via email from my sister the actual name of the real robot dinosaur that eats cars is actually Robosaurus. She was watching Barrett Jackson Car Auction and the original owners could not afford to keep Robosaurus so they had to sell it and using Barrett Jackson. That cracks me up, that an invention of the 80s was sold at a car auction. Then I went to the website and guess what, he's going to be in Charlotte! Too bad gas is so expensive and I have to work or I would be so there to see Robosaurus.

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