Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look At That Wiener!

The Serg and I were driving back from an assignment involving false voter rumors about early voting when The Serg states; "Hey, I think that's the Wiener mobile." Of course I over react and scream where and then I see it. I was just going to continue on to the station, but The Serg wanted a closer look and I obliged by cutting across three lanes of traffic and cutting off an old lady. As I am racing around a hotel parking lot, I ask if we should talk a picture. The Serg gave me a look like I was stupid for asking. "Yeah!"

Why are two guys in their 30s so interested in the wiener mobile. All I can think of is that this is a part of our child hood and some how we are still trying to connect with that time of innocence in our lives. Then it's a freaking car shaped like a hot dog! I so want to drive it!


Lauren said...

you totally should have shot VO of this and put it online as part of your new posting-original-content-to-mync duties!!!

J Dog said...

you see I was going to wait till I found it on another web site and post that... stealing I mean agrigating counts as well.