Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Are They Thinking

For some strange reason there are three people at the station that are former employees of WNWO in Toledo, Ohio (I am in this group). So when I was informed that WNWO might be pulled off of Buckeye Cable I laughed. From what I have read and was informed, WNWO wants to be paid to be on Buckeye Cable.

If you would run a cable station and had enough people wanting you, then you can ask the cable providers to pay you for their service. I believe ESPN generally garners around $3 per household. Then you have local stations, they are required by the FCC to be shown by the local cable companies... for free. You may be thinking that the locals are getting shafted, no not really. You see they get paid in ratings. When you fill out a ratings book or have one of those boxes that records what you watch, they get those numbers. Most people in Toledo have cable and do not go "off air" for their local stations.

So I find this situation hilarious, a station may refuse to allow the local cable system with 115,000 homes to show their programming. Never mind the news is dreadful, people will not be able to watch any NBC programming unless they unplug their cable and hook up some rabbit ears or their digital converter. I can see how they think they will get more money out of this, but if Buckeye Cable calls their bluff (and I think they will) then they will loose all those viewers and then loss all those ratings and lose money. WNWO is hoping people in Toledo will get mad enough that they will call Buckeye Cable and force them to relent and they will have to pay WNWO and they will actually be profitable for once.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, will the FCC force Buckeye Cable to pay and then we have a mad dash of other stations trying the samething or will Buckeye Cable just start showing the Detroit NBC station.

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