Thursday, October 09, 2008


Do you see this cute little bugger? That is baby Cash Replogle, ain't he a cute little guy? Wait, he isn't named Cash? Shawn and Melissa went with Nathan? Did they not see the poll? Look over to the right folks 53% of the votes wanted, NEY demanded he be named Cash. Even regular readers have written me and want action:

J.B..... I'm filing an official protest if that baby isn't named
"CASH"!!!!! Put it on Polkamoney...put it on the station website.....put it on
the other station website....I don't care!!!!! That baby is two words!!!!
AWE-SOME!!!! He looks like he's ready to go out and shoot on day one of
his life!!! He looks like Shawn!!!! That's the only problem!!

We must fight this naming, you have spoken and must rise up and take action. We have to find a crappy lawyer who will find some kind of league loophole that will allow us to change his name.


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