Monday, August 25, 2008


Since we moved into the new house, we have neglected Lucy a little. It's little things like not taking her to the dog park or giving her walks. So last week Lucy started to act up. It started last week when she was left alone for 11 hours. She made a huge mess that included a bunch of those flavored packets you pour into water, so we now have a rug that ruined. The next day, she got a hold of a weight ball and poured all the sand out and it covered the bedroom. A few days later she destroyed a couple of books in the bed room. We could tell Lucy knew that she was in trouble, yet we couldn't punish her because it was our fault.

Friday we started to take Lucy out on walks, I walked her almost three miles and lets just say, she never moved from the couch till Mikki came home. This morning Lucy was wound up and Mikki had a headache so with a bad leg I had to take her on a walk. I had to take her, she was going crazy and this was they only way I could get it all out of her.

After the walk she is now laying on the living room floor. So the lesson of this story is, walk Lucy or she will destroy everything in the house.

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The Original Dave said...

J-Dog... do you have a bicycle? If so, I would highly recommend the Walky Dog.

You clamp it to your bike, and clip it to the pup, and she can run next to you when you ride.

Drea digs it the most. It didn't take very long for her to get used to it. Some dogs don't like bicycles, though, so it might take some training.

But, you can get her a lot more exercise much quicker without the wear and tear on your own body.

Good luck!