Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You're Welcome Winston Salem

I finally arrived at the hotel today. It's not the best hotel, but not everything can be the Camelback Resort and Spa in Glendale, Az. As you can see it's your run of the mill hotel and that will do for what I need. I'm a little upset though it's suppose to be 80 tomorrow and the pool is closed.

After arriving I find out that my room is not ready so I make some calls and try to figure out what I am doing for the time I am here. I know I need to shoot press conferences and practice, but when and where? I call back to J-DOG 17 and I find out that UNC is not doing interviews until after 4 and practice is after 5. If you never worked in TV, that's a little late for the 5 and 5:30 or in the case of our station the 6 and 7 shows. If I finish by 5:15 I have to run to my laptop set up all the pool video, start cutting that down. Connect my firestore and dump in that video and either find a window to feed or hope the Internet connection is a good one and feed in my stuff. One problem with the Internet it takes forever to send, so If I did get something cut by 6, it may not get to the station by 7:30 or even 9! Pretty much, I'm just trying to get stuff in for the eleven.

After I check in I find my chief photographer who is running the satellite truck for our network. We go and eat a awesome steak dinner charges to said network, I love free steak. On the way back, we get adventurous and take the back roads and we find Old Salem. I immediately go, "Hey, where did they burn the witches?" I know that was Salem, Mass, but I thought it was funny, plus my chief was feeding this notion.

Chief: Hey there's old Salem.

Me: (in my best Monty Python) Burn the witches, Buuuuuuurn'em!

Then we passed Salem University and I have dubbed them the Burning Witches. Now that nickname just screams, wow they must be tough, unlike the Big Blue.

I have the rest of the night to do what ever the hell I want, I don't think I'll get into too much trouble. I am some what on my own and can't go party with anyone. I may go over to Chief's room and play PlayStation or watch The Departed again.

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