Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OW My Eye!

No I did not do a remake of Rocky II. I am having an allergic reaction to North Carolina. The pollen here this week is off the charts. So my reporter and had a few moments and we decided to sit outside and wait for our interview. Well that's when it started, the sneezing and eye watering. We go in for the interview and my eye won't stop watering. We end the interview I go to the bathroom to wash my eye and I notice the big lump around my tear duct. I call the station and tell them I am having a nasty allergic reaction. They tell us to return and they want to see what's wrong. They see I can not see, and send me home.

By the time I get home I can't see and I want to scream, "Cut me Lou I can't see!" I take some meds and wash my eye. The medicine knocks me out and 8 hours later it is still swollen, but it is better. Not a fun way to spend the day.


djl said...

The North Carolina pollen's angry you jinxed the Tar Heels.

Karma, man. Karma.

You should see what happened to the tear ducts of the dude who ran over the mascot.

J Dog said...

That is so wrong, yet so awesome!