Friday, March 16, 2007

It's My Birthday and I'll Eat a Burrito if I Want Too

Today was a cold day, and the media compound was very quiet and pretty empty. I finished all my feeds and left the arena. It was almost 8pm and I was hungry.

For the last five months of living in Raleigh I have been deprived of one of my favorite things, Chipotle. I love Chipotle burritos, everywhere you go in Columbus, you can't be that far from a Chipotle. To my surprise driving around Raleigh/Research triangle I have only found one Chipotle. The problem with it is, that there is never a reason to go out that way. It's in your typical commercial stores that I can find a lot closer to Fried Chicken Dr.

Earlier in the week I spotted a Chipotle and was excited. So today while in the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial I decided I wanted Chipotle. To be honest I decided to take a "back way," which means I had no idea where I was going. It took me 45 minutes to find my beautiful bountiful burrito. It took forever to find, but man was it worth it. It was a great way to end a bland birthday. If I wasn't so full I'd go get another one


Levy said...

The problem with it is, that there is never a reason to go out that way.

Isn't Chipotle reason enough?!?!?!

Schattenjager said...

Happy B-Day buddy!

J Dog said...

I know, but driving 30 minutes on city streets to get there... little bit too far and too much gas. Well I go get some return gas, but that doesn't help things.