Friday, March 30, 2007

Are You Ready to Rock?

After Wednesdays fun, I thought it might have been a good idea on Thursday to let my eye get back to it's normal self. I pretty much stayed inside, did enough laundry for five people (how do we have some much clothing?), and was lazy. Today for the most part has followed that trend, I'm still doing laundry and cleaning the fish tanks.

Later on today, I will be heading out for some fun. The Wife is working late and I'm getting stur crazy and what is there for me to do? How about a concert! Hell yeah, Ted Leo + Pharmacists is playing at a college bar in Carrboro and I am so freaking there! I've heard of them for a few years from some guys at The Network, but it wasn't till I moved that I really started getting into Ted Leo. DJL got me Shaking the Sheets for the long journey to Raleigh. It was the second disk played and then it was the eight and last as arrived at my apartment.

They have a different sound that you do not hear on the radio. I do enjoy some of the main stream music, but it usually sounds flat and uninspired. I'm not saying everything is like that, but if I have to hear one more teen version of Emo complain about how hard his life is in the suburbs I'm going to punch someone with bangs! I'm looking at you Fallout Boy, AFI, All American Rejects and others!

I just purchased my ticket and ready too rock, I hate the wait, but it will be worth it.

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DCZ said...

You just don't understand man. You're part of the establishment!

-Emo Kid

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