Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ay Ziggy Zoomba

I have a theory about Bowling Green State University Athletics. They are only allowed to have one good major athletic team a year. What do I mean my major? Here is my list:

  1. Football

  2. Men's Basketball

  3. Women's Basketball

  4. Hockey

  5. Soccer

For the last three years the most dominate team was the women's basketball team. For most people and some of our alumni, they don't care for women's basketball. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan, but my love for BG overrides that. Also if it was not for the Falcon teams of the mid-ninety's, I would probably not be in New Jersey this weekend. My sister shots the women's team every year and make a highlight tape for them. For three years I shot for her. The first year I did maybe 6 games. The second year I did 10 and 1 road game and my busy senior year I shot 8 games. I learned my craft because of them so I will always be a fan.

So this year BG was the best they have ever been. They won a first round game and then shocked people by beating Vanderbilt in the second round. BG was getting national attention. They were even getting consideration for beating Arizona St. Alas, the dream ended with ASU, they beat the falcons handily and BG's season is over. I want to just say thank you for your hard work and for taking our University to a level it has never seen in either basketball programs. You ladies will go down as legends and will always have a place in true falcons hearts. I thank coach Curt Miller for his coaching ability and for turning this team back into a winner. Also please stay at BG and I hope the athletic department will actually do the right thing and give you are raise and keep you as coach

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