Friday, March 23, 2007

March Madness 2: Song Girls

First let me say this. I love The Wife and I want to be with no one else.

The one thing I forgot about Carolina playing USC was the USC Song Girls. They are the USC cheerleaders and I will say this... they are the hottest cheerleaders EVER! So I'm sitting in the back waiting for the first game to end and we hear them walk by. How can I hear then, from all the GO USC chants and I can hear all the jaws dropping. I get risky and act like I need to be on the court and I make it. I'm looking for my reporter to find a seat and guess who I bump into the Song Girls. I am stopped by security to let USC on the court so I had to stand with them for a good two minutes. I pop off a few pictures and then walk around a bit.

It's almost halftime and I think the Tar heels are distracted by the Song Girls. Hopefully they come around and start playing better or I'll be home by Sunday.

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