Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Madness: Set-up

Here is my new office. A lovely spacious location, without any real walls, I only have to share it with about 200 other media types. It was fairly painless set up, I did have a problem getting the converter to work with my laptop, but I shut eveything off reconnected then turned everything back on, problem solved. That was the only thing to go smoothly.

For some strange reason every event I go to while working, parking is always an issue. No one outside of the arena knows where I need to be. Today I was told "look for the Mountain Dew Lot" Well I kept following the signs and the next thing you know I am no longer near the arena. I turn around and jsut park next to the sat trucks. When I walk back out a guy stops me "Hey, which one are you?" I respond the white explorer and he then wants me to pay to park. I ask why and he says everyone has to pay. After about five minutes I find out that the media is parking on the exact opposite side of arena as the media entrance. Then the fun part, I was told to look for the Mountain Dew lot and the signs point me over here. His repsonse, "Oh you can't follow dem dar signs, they all wrong."

Then the next big problem, today parking is not a problem, no games going on. Tomorrow though I need a pass and someone didn't get one reserved. Now we either have to walk from the hotel or somehow call and figure out how to get a pass. I don't think it will be an issue, but as all things with tournements it usually will be.

I'm now attempting to find a disc golf course. The directions I had led me to someones house... oops google.

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