Thursday, March 22, 2007

March Madness 2: The electric-boogaloo

Due to some previous problems, I am going to do one of my random post for my first post of the new trip so let's get too it.

Hello New Jersey!
I am continuing on my journey with the North Carolina Tar heels, and last week I was in the exciting cities of Winston and Salem, so where did I land this time? East Rutherford, New Jersey. I know, I know you all wish you where in my shoes, and as a bonus we landed in Newark, it was thrilling! Seriously, could I not get New York, San Antonio or somewhere that's not East Rutherford? I can see my Manhattan from the lobby, so why don't we kick the NIT out of Madison Square Garden and we go there. I know of four things that came out of New Jersey, Bon Jovi, all the Kevin Smith movies, Bruce Springsteen and King Tom. So out of respect for the King I will leave Jersey alone... for now!

I Hate Banks
Over the last seven years TV has not been the best paying job. I've not helped by making some really bad job choices and poor money management, but The Wife and I have made a huge turn and we have seen daylight in our dark debt world. So with that said, the problem i am having now is that we have money, but nothing is clearing fast enough. The Sheraton Meadowlands (more on these guys later) charges you up from for the room. Well due to the fact that things from last weekend are still working their way through I did not have enough on my credit card for the room. We kept making payments every time something popped up so that we would not have this problem, but the credit card people are holding all transactions for up to three days. So now The Wife and I are playing Money's version of Russian Roulette. I had to use money from our bank account that is technically not there so I can get a room. We maybe overdrawn, but I get paid at midnight so is anything going to over lap and throw everything off and we get charged with large fees, or are we going to somehow slip through and be fine. I hate banks for holding money and causing these kinds of problems.

Hotel Cost
I know I am in the shadows of New York, but $187 a night for a hotel that is not that good really necessary? Also that is with the traveling media discount! For me I normally stay away from hotels that cost more than a hundred, I know a lot of times that means I get places like Howard Johnson's and Days Inn, but sometimes they are not all that bad. So when I pay this much I would think I'd get a pretty nice room, not so much. The room is decent, but I have had better for much less. Also the Internet it not free. I am paying $20 for access, if it was not for work I'd not get the Internet, but I have to feed out video at night so I kind of need it. So somehow Red Roof Inn Internet is free, but at the Sheraton where it's more expensive, you have to pay for it.
Also somehow my reporter got bumped up to a nicer room. He has a living room and a refrigerator and I have well, a bed. How am I drawing the low card on this trip.

What the Hell is on HBO
I have no idea what is on HBO right now, but I just watched a guy get disemboweled. It's 10am and I am not accustomed to this kind of violence this early. It's some kind of show about England in involves Mary the Queen of Scots. I was just typing and then the next thing I see is two guys cut open with people throwing their innereds onto a fire while they sort of watched, then they throw, I guess, an important character on a table and cut him open. I saw them open him up and there was his spleen. How are they getting away with this on at 10am. I know this must be an encore from last night, but damn! I normally like my disembowelings after a good lunch, not before.

Ok enough complaining, about the last day. I hope things will get better and I can be chipper.


King Tom said...

Thanks for respecting New Jersey :)

It's not all that bad. And I say this with the utmost sincerity: I think the Brendan Byrne/Continental Airlines Arena is the best arena ever.

J Dog said...

The sports guy I'm with hates it. I thought it was ok, but man did he have a lot of venom towards the arena.