Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness: Sneaky Pete

For me to watch any of the games I have three options: 1. Watching from the compound which I have done.
2. Sneak onto the floor and sit at our unused station seat, but security is tight and I don't have the proper credentials... stupid terrorists!
3. Go to the main concourse and walk into a section and hope for the best.
4. Crowd around a small TV with 20 other media types.

I picked option three today. Georgetown is taking on Boston College. This game does not have any direct interest to North Carolina so it's pretty much bonus. I go up and find an area that does not have seats and just stand up against the wall with five other people. To be honest it's weird to just watch a game. 90 percent of all sporting events I attend, I'm usually working so I can't just sit and watch the game. I took in about five minutes and came back down. I may go back up for the second half, it's getting to the point I'd rather be at home with a beer in hand watching the games on TV... well only if I got paid.

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