Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

I have been given an opportunity this week to travel with a college Basketball team while they are in the NCAA Tournament. I am really excited, but at the current time of 5:48PM I have no idea where I am going, when I am going and there may be a slight change my team could change. I am currently going to follow Duke, they are down this year, but a down year for them is a 10 lose season, unlike my alma mater that only won three conference games. The process for this trip is a little maddening. I won't know anything until they announce the brackets, then I have to call in and find who I'm following, call the reporter I'm going with, call the corporate travel lady for flights and hotels, then start packing.

I'll give updates throughout the night as I find things out. So hopefully with in an hour I'll at least know where the local teams are heading and then the fun begins.

6:03 Well found out the number 1 seeds in order of highest to lowest, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio State and Kansas. UNC is in the east bracket so looks like they are going to play in Winston Salem.

6:13 Oh the Midwest is done and my hopes of Chicago are not going to happen. The interesting thing is Maryland is a 4 seed and Georgia Tech is a 10 seed. I think Duke will get a better seed than Tech, so I'm guess an eight seed, but maybe as high as a 7.

6:21 I know you want to know this my underwear is now packed. Duke gets the sixth seed... In Buffalo. Freaking Buffalo, that's the best place to spend my birthday, at least I can get some wings. Oh yeah they are playing Virginia Commonwealth University and if they win they may face Pittsburgh. I like my chances in the first game for a second game.

6:27 Well UNC is playing in Winston Salem on Thursday. Called my chief and he has no idea where I'm going. Time to pack warm just in case.

6:36 THE BIG BLUE X! Xavier made it in and they could play Ohio State in the second round. M Thomsen will like that BIG FREAKING BLUE X!

Me: Hey do you know where your going
M Justice: (laughing) Do You know where your going?
Me: Damn it, I'm going to Buffalo.
M Justice: (Laughing) Yep, have fun with that.
Me: At least I can get some Cubans and Wings.
M Justice: True.

7:08 Still haven't figured anything out yet. I hope this gets done before 9:00pm

7:17 Big Curveball was thrown, I'm now going to Winston Salem by myself. Our female sports anchor will travel back and forth, but I am getting everything on my own. Better location, not so awesome plan, but I've done it before while I was in West Virginia and did the MAC tournament in Cleveland.

7:26 Just told The Wife about the change, she was more worried about me missing bible study than being closer. SO now I get to save a huge amount on my credit card, no airplane.

7:49 Spent the last 20 minutes on the phone with our corparate travel person and nothing close was open. So I was stuck at an average hotel room on the other side of the city. I then call the Sundance Plaza the official media hotel and get a room. Note to self, do it yourself.

8:30 Finally got most of everything figured out. I have repacked for the warmer climate and I sort of have an idea of what needs to be done while I am at the Tourney. I will be trying to blog while I am there.

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