Thursday, March 22, 2007

March Madness 2: Getting Better

After i finished my last post I called the banks and it looks like all the deductions have not cleared and then I called an hour ago and they are still in banking limbo, so Hooray me! I have money and I don't have to worry... as much.

I met up with sports guy and get lunch and we have the slowest service ever. It takes forever for our meal so we are now getting to the arena much later than I wanted. We walk into the media area and we basically forced our way into a spot and marked it off with tape and proclaimed that spot for JDOG-17! Wow I had a Civilization III flash back. We start getting video and sound from Southern California and we just worked our way from there.

The one big thing that happened to me was the creation of the "photographer sandwich," basically you have my head, my camera to the right of my head and then add someone else's camera to the left side of my head and you have a "photographer sandwich." You would think less and less media would be here at this point, but it's getting worse. For all of the interviews you have to fight your way into them. Sometimes it's civil some times it's a dog fight. Today was not that bad, but I do not like "photographer sandwiches."

I am done for the day and now the fun begins. We are getting ready to head to New York for a little dinner and fun. I've never been there before so I'm taking lots of pictures and lets hope I don't get mugged and will be able to show them to you either in the morning or in a drunken state.

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