Saturday, March 24, 2007

March Madness 2: Last Nights Dilemma

While watching the game in the TV compound and seeing Carolina losing by as much as 16 I started to think that they were going to losing I had a dilemma to consider. Do I want UNC to lose or win. You may be thinking, what are you talking about, the team you are covering could make it to the final four. Well look at it this way. I've beenaway for the better part of two weeks. The only days I have been home was Sunday where I slept all day, Monday where I went into work for a few hours and then Tuesday was the only real day I was at home all day, but The Wife had to work part of the day.

So if they lose I would get up the next morning edit a story, Sports Guy would change our flights and fly back that day. The bad would be that I'd loose all my hours on Sunday and I'd have to go back to my normal rotation on Monday and then I would not have a day off till Thursday.

If they win, I stay, do interviews, edit at least two packages, do live shots and be at the arena till late. Then work early Sunday and work the game at five and do a story and live shot at 11pm. The bad is I'm still here.

UNC did win and I am now staying. I'm tired and starting to get wornout, but I can handle it. I'm going to try and make today as easy as possible and be efficent.

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