Thursday, March 22, 2007

Un -Locke-ing the Island

After reading King Tom's post about last night's Lost I though I should post my comments and maybe that will give me a little bounce back that I need to make this trip a good one.

For the last few weeks, I keep thinking that Locke has become unhinged after his little episode in the now blown up bunker. He's blown, up the only communication with the outside world, let Sayid and Kate get captured by the crazy Russian and he shoved a guy through sonic fence that causes ear bleeding and head explosions. Some how he had a master plan a crazy master plan, but a plan none the less. I believe if you watched the show with a semi-regularity that you realised that Locke does not want to leave the island, so he is now going to destroy everything that will allow the others freedom. It will be interesting to see how things will end up for him. Now on to the points:
  • What the hell is up with Kate? Who does she want Jake or Sawyer? I would almost bet money that if she got Jake away from the Others she would go back to Sawyer. She's crazy Jake, stay away.
  • What the hell happened to Russo? She just up and left everyone.
  • Sayid is the man! "You look like your mother." "My mother's dead." "No she's not." Finally someone tells her about her mom.
  • Locke has a messed up past! I can understand his craziness now. He was an orphan, his mother insane, his father stole his kidney, he lost his girlfriend due to his obsession with his father, got kicked out of the pot compound, and then his father shoved him out of an eight story window, he lives, but is paralyzed and then is on a horrible plane crash. That is a rough life.
  • So is Jake, Kate and Juliet the new love triangle since Anna Lucia did a little glug, glug, vroom vroom, tump, thump (I know she didn't hit anyone while drinking, but that is one of my favorite Krusty the Klown bits.)
  • Great line of the night. "So how do you get electricity" "He have two giant hamsters running on a giant wheel in our secret lair." I know Ben was being sarcastic, but still I could see it happening. think about They have a zoo, a weird smoke monster and other weird stuff so why not giant hamsters.
  • I've not been a fan of this seasons constant Other's plot lines, but tonight was almost worth all those fair to not so good episode.

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