Sunday, October 22, 2006

Take this job and shove it

Well the above title is a little harsh, but that's pretty much what I said to work this week. I am leaving The Network for a local station in Raleigh, NC. From previous posts you can tell that I have not been happy lately, there were other post about how much I hated work, but those got deleted in fear of someone at work getting upset over them. This decision was a tough one to make. We are going to be up rooting our entire lives just to make a little more money. I believe I need to get back into regular news and I do not believe the Columbus market is the answer for me. The only station I can go to here and get some decent money is the sister station for my current job. From other peoples experience The Network has a tendency to block their employees from doing this, so why do I want to go into a situation involves me fighting tooth and nail just to move for a little more money?

That's why The Wife and I took this Raleigh position. Now our big concern in getting down there; how do we move and how will we pay for it. The station may pay for the move, but I have not gotten that call. Also in the first two years at The Network the pay was dreadful and caused a lot of financial problem involving my credit raiding to drop faster than Flight 815. The Wife's credit is better, but she is going to be looking for a job and that will hurt for they will not want to give us an apartment until she finds a job. Oy Vey the circle of bad credit is never fun.

Even though I am spewing doom and gloom and I looking forward to the new job. I've been tired of doing our version of politics and nothing, I just want to go chase a story no matter how crappy. Hopefully I will not have to drive as much, but Raleigh seems to be a more spread out area. I can't thing that any drive they throw at me is better than most I have done here.

Oh yeah warmer weather... BONUS!


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Sometimes you have to bite the bullit and make the change. There was a time when I faced the same thing and well 11 years later I still think it was the best thing I ever did. You deserve a new start and you will be fine.

poutineq said...

Best wishes at the new place, and keep on postin'.

The Network newsroom will be a much quieter place with Gina and you leaving.

And I may be saying the same thing as your subject as early as tomorrow!

Adam said...

Your timeing this move just right to avoid that nasty Columbus winter. I hope you are settled in by December when I get my month of Vacation. Muhahaha!

King Tom said...

Congratulations J-Dog!

Of course, you realize you'll be missing the annual WrestleMania bash, don't you?