Saturday, October 21, 2006

Favorite Season 9

Kettering Alter 40 Dayton Carol 14 Looking at the score you would thing bad game. Well, that's only half true. The first half Carol was actually winning 14-13. Both teams ran the ball all night, neither had quarterbacks that could throw well and for Carol that was a bad thing. Alter started the second half fast and scored at will and Carol could not run and definitely could not pass. For a rivalry game I was expecting it to be a little closer, but Alder now can go 10-0 if they win next week and that would be the first in school history.

Oh one final note, I've been shooting high school football for six years and have taken my fair share of hits by players, but this week I had a first. The play was coming towards me, but I could tell that I was not going to get hit by a player. The play starts to pass me and the whistle blows and then I get spun around. All I thought was great a trailing player went way too wide, nope. It was one of the line judges! He had to cross the out of bounds line and try to hit me. I'll be honest it hurt and today I have a light bruise. Then before the start of the next play I hear "Back up or you could get hit." Well allow me to retort "Just like when you hit me on the last play?" He was young and trying to show some muscles. Hey I respect the game and I stay on my side of the line I know when I need to move, you are a line judge.. chill and let me work I can stay out of the way with out you hitting me.

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