Monday, October 16, 2006

This past weekend: SICSIC Edition

This past weekend was homecoming at the ole college Bowling Green State University. For the past seven years I have either had to work or be somewhere else. So when this year I found out I did not have to work on Saturdays I wanted to go see my old stomping grounds. So you might be wondering what's with the weird college kid in the overalls and a mask posing on a car? That my friend is SICSIC! This is the secret spirit organization that has now be going for 60 years. It's the only organization that has been around that entire time. (Side Note: The Theater group on campus found a piece of paper saying that they have been around longer, but they took off, oh I don't 20 years, so they are the oldest, but SICSIC has never stopped.. take that theater bitches!).

So when I heard that this was in fact the 60th anniversary we had to go! I was at BG as a current member during the 50th and I remember they had almost all of the original members and it was interesting to hear all the stories everyone had. A lot of them involved alcohol, but it's BG bonging a beer is almost a requirement for graduation. One of my favorites include one of the members being chased around campus for a couple of miles. He was finally cornered and forced to remove his mask. The guys didn't want him kicked out of the group, because they could tell everyone that he was a member, so they said we won't tell and let him go. Another was when they thought the SICSIC car could make it up the ramp or the library to the second floor. Well, it couldn't make it and got stuck.

I will always remember my time in SICSIC with much fondness. It was something that I and less than 200 people are a part of. It's not only an honorary group, but it's a family. The members that were in the group with me are thought of as family to me. I saw one of the members Bethanee for the first time in almost six years, I was near giddy to see her. I saw Micheal and a flood of memories came back and just made me. Like the time it was Mike, Joe and myself, we went out to the bars dressed up, or naked SICSIC. Someone had the idea we needed to be naked under our suits... Oh to be in college.

The biggest thing about SICSIC it was a release from your daily grind. When we would meet at 11:00 on Tuesdays or Wednesdays we would talk make signs and just hang out. Then we would suit up and become different people. You had no constraints, the mask turned you into a crazy wild person where the normal rules are thrown out the window. You could go up to a stranger and talk to them in a strange voice and make them laugh. Throw candy at someone in the student union, or one of our favorites Student Union hedge dive. Yes we would hurl our selves into the hedges for no other reason to scare people and then make them laugh. Seeing the current members run around made me want to put on a suit and find my mask and join in the SICSIC tidal wave of spirit. If the current members ever find this post... Cherish what you are in. I wish I could have done more and enjoyed it for what it was, the best moments in my college life.

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