Saturday, July 22, 2006

So you had a bad day... Well, make that 2 months

It's been a while since I posted. Not because I've not had anything to say, it's that I have been exhausted and not feeling "up to the task." After what The Wife and I have been through since our marriage, once things settle down we should be able to handle anything.

It all started with The Wife being fired from her job a few weeks before the wedding. We handled that well. She found a Nanny gig three days a week for a set of triplets. Well all things there were going fine till they decided to move to Texas. She's now been out of work for the better part of a month. She's been trying to supplement some work with a "sitter" service, but they have not been helping that much. She's now working one day a week at our church. We went from her making almost $300 a week to $80 (before taxes). Well that caused a problem when her parents decided to enforce a rent increase of $250. We knew about this before hand, but we are so far streched for money this is not what we needed. We have struggled financial which has caused many an argument. Luckily, we have some how gotten most of our bills paid. A few are not full payments, but most are. I hate money.

Then there's my job. I am completely unhappy. I just found out that I have used all my sick day. In my near seven years of TV I have only used all my sick days ONCE! That was because I needed knee surgery. I actually think I'm getting sick more often, because I really do not want to be at work. I've been in trouble for my "attitude." We moved the only decent reporter to a new shift so I have to work with Reporter A (see the ranting post a couple down.) almost three times a week. Even sports shoots are no longer fun. I get to sleep in and go to work late, but I won't get off work till 10, 11 or later and then be back in at 9:30 and have to work with Reporter A because I had a good day the day before. Then this past Thursday my tripod decided that it wanted a nap so it fell over. Oh, did I mention my $30,000 CAMERA was on the tripod at the time. Oh, and the former GM who now is in charge of sales at the the local sister station to the Network was standing there. Oh, and it may cost $7,000 to fix. Oh yeah, and will take 2 or 3 months to fix. It's to the point that I am looking around, but I have ZERO confidence in myself, which makes it hard to look. Also the fact that we have no money makes the moving process a hell of a lot harder.

Also this week I get a phone call with The Wife balling her eyes out. She had a bad e-mail from one of her sister-in-laws and called her mom about it and the mom make The Wife feel even worse. The Wife grew up with a lot of strange circumstances. She was pretty much in foster homes most of her formative years. At age six she was placed in with her adoptive family. At age 9 I believe went back to her biological father then went BACK to her adoptive family. Well this has caused some issues. The e-mail from the sister-in-law basically said we where in grateful for what the adoptive parents have done for us and that we were bad people because we have not finished our thank you letters for the wedding. Also complained that Mikki and her biological sister were late to the church on the day of her wedding making her hair dresser (the sister-in-laws mother) wait 30 minutes. The mother then complained about The Wife's biological sister and they took some comments she made wrong and it "ruined" the reception. Well all of this was news to us. My family had a blast and never knew anything was wrong. If anyone knows the sister know that 30 minutes late to anything is a miracle! She's usually 45 to an hour late. I think that her family doesn't realize that they make comments that makes The Wife feel less of a person which makes it harder for me, because I have to build her back up.

You know what? I am gratefully that they bought a condo for her to rent and it is nice. I know they have helped her with finances. I know that she did not like school and it was a struggle to get her to graduate, but don't bring it up every time we talk or every time she calls to vent about our struggles.

I hope things start getting better. If not, I'm either going to become an alcoholic or start wearing The Wife's dresses smear make-up on my face and go on a rampage.

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