Sunday, October 08, 2006

My day at Ohio Stadium

As a Bowling Green State University graduate I am very proud of my university and I want them to look and do well. So when I saw that BGSU was going to play Ohio State I though, crap why this year! If you do not know Ohio State is ranked #1 in the nation and BG is ranked... well we are not ranked. I'm hoping to avoid ESPN's Bottom 10.

So at the game BG gets the ball first and SCORES A TOUCHDOWN. OSU looks stunned and Troy Smith can't do anything, BG's defense is playing lights out and causing problems. Oh what a game! Nobaody expected BG to come out swinging and take a lead and then score again! Oh what a day to be a Falcon! Hoozah to the Falcons Hoozah!

Then I wake up and realize I was dreaming. I noticed a sense of dread for I realized that we were going to loose and loose bad. There is always that hope, it's college football anything can happen, but when you have 15 Freshman playing against the number one team in the entire nation, it's going to be bad.

We get to our seats and I am the only one in orange, wow I'm going to be hated for the entire game. It's time for the coin toss and we win the toss (YEAH! We won something) so we elect to defer to the second half and OSU get the ball first. Alright this is... WHAT THE? Little note for everyone BG's defense is non-existent. I'm serious at times it's like they are using the Tontogany Otsego Hish School defense. "Hey high school kids, wanna play football against Ohio State? Sure!" So OSU drives down the field and score. OSU 7 BG 0

We start our drive and do well. We are throwing the ball well and we have some form of a running game. The drive stalls at 4th and 3 from the 33. We send in the field goal unit. NOOOOO!!! "But J-Dog isn't getting points against Ohio State realy good?" Yes it is unless you suck at kicking field goals. Against Buffalo we had a couple of kicks blocked. So Buffalo one of the worst teams in the country, OSU the best. BLOCK! No points and OSU goes on to score. OSU 14 BG 0

We do nothing on the next drive. We punt the ball away in ugly fashion. They are avoiding Ted Ginn who can run the ball back any time he touches it. So it was a shank, but at least no points were scored. OSU is just picking the Otsego defense apart. We get a break a penalty that makes it 1st and 20 then 2nd and 20 and yet again 3rd and 20. It looks like we are going to stop them and hope they only get a field goal. Troy Smith drops back, looks around it flushed out of the pocket. He runs and continues to run and then runs some more for 32 yards. So OSU then later scores. OSU 21 BG 0

Well it was still the same score at the half we get the ball to start and we start driving the ball. A few yards here and nice pass there. We get down to around the 20. After a penalty it's 4th and 6 and we are going for it. I'm praying "please make it please make it." Anthony Turn fires a pass and we have a first down. YES! Two plays later we score I jump up and yell and I am ecstatic we are not going to be shut out and we are only down 14. OSU 21 BG 7

We get a big stop and look like we can do some damage. 3rd and long, Anthony Turner is back, looks for a receiver can't find one and runs. "GO! GO! GO! GET THE FIRST! He slides down and misses the 1st down by a freaking foot a FREAKING FOOT! TAKE THE DAMN HIT AND GET THE FIRST. OK it's short and I know we can get the first down come on falcons! You can... what the hell is the punter doing? BG punts the ball! You are down to OSU 21-7 you have to go for it on 4th and a millimeter. OSU's first play of the drive a long pass to Ted Ginn. OSU 28 BG 7

Add another touchdown and BG decides to put in Freshman QB Tyler Sheehan and he look s pretty good. On 3rd and 1 Sheehan hands it to Dan Macon he finds a hole and it gone up field I jump up with the rest of the OSU fans and I'm screaming GO GO GO I think he's going to get into the end zone but is brought down at the 26. OSU fans cheer because they stopped Macon and I am cheering for a great BG play. 4th and 1 and it is our last chance to score Sheehan drops back and over throws his man and it nearly picked off, but it was 4th down so we loose the ball and a chance to score.

Over all we played pretty crappy, yet held our own. We could have done better, but could have been crushed even worse. So it was the best and worst of times, but I still love my Falcons and OSU did not cover the spread so SUCK ON THAT OSU FANS!!!!


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