Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Can't Get Lost

It was a long weekend/4 days and I wanted something to make me feel better. Realizing that one of my favorite, Lost, is starting it's third season Wednesday I wanted to get the season 2 DVDs. Lost has become that can't miss show for me. Every week I get a little bit closer to figuring out what is going on, but I get further away at the same time. Lost has great characters and ever evolving story lines that can deal with life stranded on an island, what the hell is going on this island and what the back story is for each character and how they inner twine. "But J-Dog those have been out of at least a month, why wait till three days before the season starts?" I'm glad you asked, we messed up our finances and just finally almost got it straightened out. So now is the best possible time to get it.

Yesterday we were at Meijer near the hotel in Michigan and I saw Lost for just under $45. Well if Meijer's at $45 then Best Buy has to be cheaper, so we decided to wait till we got back to C-bus. We get back later than expected and we could not get to Best Buy until I had to deal with the 4th graders. We get to Best Buy and guess what, closed! It was just after 7:00pm. I know it's Sunday, but who closes at 7:00pm these days? I can understand if this was in West Virginia, but this is a city in the Top 50 for population.

I'm a little upset, but there is a Target near by so why not go there, it has to be cheaper than Meijers. Unless $49.99 is now a lower number than $45 then Meijers is still cheaper. Seriously a regional chain is lower than a national power? I know everyone had a sale right as it was released, but come on Target you need to see what the competition is doing.

Luckily the Polaris area is chalked full of stores and we hit Barnes and Nobles on a whim. I know they are usually more expensive when it comes to music and DVDs, but you never know. I did know and wow was I shocked. $59.99 unless I sign up for some kind of card thing and then it would be about $52. Meijers' is now looking pretty damn good.

We pretty much give up when I notice there is a Circuit City on the other side of the road. I do a double lane change and pull in. I am giddy with anticipation. It has to be cheaper here! I mean it's Circuit City, they love movies and that sort of crap. How can Meijers be cheaper, or at least it has to be cheaper than Target! It was the same price as target, Oy Vey!

By this point in time it was almost 8:00pm and the Sunday Night Football game involving my Chicago Bears and the soon to be dismantles Seattle Seahawks was about to start. The Wife said she would go to Best Buy or Meijers to find the cheaper DVD set and according to it's going to be Meijers. To me this is just shocking to no end that a little Mid-West grocery chain can do this. I'd go to Wal-Mart, but I'd rather eat glass than go in there and have to deal with the crowd and everything else evil.

Stupid addictive TV show and over charging merchandise chains.

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