Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flash From the Past

Yesterday I was driving back from Cleveland after a long and bad day. "Mr. Right" and I were yelling at each other so I just wanted a quite drive back to the station. So I plugged in the ole MP3 player and just drove. While driving and listening as songs came on it made me think about the past. For me songs usually recall certain memories good and bad and I thought I'd share a few.
  • Dave Matthews Band, Crash- I have no idea why but it reminds me of an apartment in college where my friends Sarah and Hartman lived. Whenever, Shorty and I went over to there place it was generally a fun time. Oh the good old days
  • Stroke 9, Little Black Backpack- This reminds me of my friend Belle. I was living in Toledo and she was a producer at one of the other stations. I don't know why, but I always see us driving around in her minivan. She was 24 and I 25 and here we are driving around in this minivan.
  • Digable Planet, Rebirth of Cool- This goes all the way to high school. I had a friend named Mark and we both were driving around. He did not like rap, but this song had a great jazz beat and it just flowed.
  • The Killers, Mr Brightside- If I did not put one from The Wife she would probably beat me. She loves this song and she made a little pantomime for the verse. We are both dorks
  • O Brother Where Art Thou, Man of Constant Sorrow- A Great movie with some great old tyme music. Wilson, Radcliff, Joe and I can watch this movie ad nausea and this song always puts us in a good mood followed by us quoting the movie for hours on end. Yes we are losers.
  • Elastica, Connection- During my first year of college I went to an Ohio University branch in my home town. This song was pretty big in the Alt. Rock genre of the mid 90s. A couple of us would hang out, bowl, play pool and talk about this song.. Bwaaaaaah! Bwaaaaaaah!
  • Seven Nations, Crooked Jack- During the summers in college I worked at a Bob Evans and became friends with Nancy. She was a student at the University of Kentucky and I'd go down every once in a while. She had a friend Steph E. that was a huge fan of Celtic rock and they got me into Seven Nations. I use to have a blast driving down there and hanging out. One time I spent the night in an empty dorm room in an all girls dorm. Yes I spent the night in an all girls dorm and I was by myself. I was such a loser.
  • Weezer, Island in the Sun- While working in Toledo I worked a lot of strange hours. So I'd stay up late and play on-line games with my friend Wilson. Weezer's Green album was big and I would sit in this little "den" type room in my apartment listening to this album and play Illusia, while my neighbor the house DJ spun records and the walls would vibrate from the bass.
I don't know the connection our brain has with tastes, smell, and in this case sounds that brings these memories to surface, but when you are wanting to kick the person out of the car while drive 75MPH, it makes the trip a little less hellish.


Anonymous said...

I know that Belle girl from the mini-van days.. She's very cool.

Adam said...

Aww yea, I got two songs. Illusia and Joe's trailer!