Monday, October 30, 2006

Favorite Season Week 10

Bellaire 23 Martins Ferry 0 This is one of the oldest and probably one of the most historic rivalries in the state of Ohio. I've wanted to shoot this game for a couple of years, but it never seemed to work out. So when the drive from hell was created I was happy this game was mine. I arrive at two and a half hours before the game because I'm bored and had nothing else better to do than sit outside the stadium in my car watch it rain and play Suduko.

When I arrive I found to my surprise that there is a line around the stadium to get in. This game has to be big for this too happen. I go into the stadium about and hour before game time even though it was raining. I had to do something or I was going to go insane. This is when I realize that I hate Bellaire. I've always heard that their fans can be jerks, but this trip solidified in my mind that it's all true. I'm walking around the stadium to make my presence know and find a bathroom. I'm stopped by some guy. "Oh look, The Network finally left Columbus." I shrug the comment off and tell him I'm all over the state and this was a big game and if it wasn't for Satellite truck problems we'd have it at this game. He gives me a look as if I'm lying and makes comments about how we only show Columbus games and he will remember this day because we have a crew out of the outer belt.

ASS! I traveled my ass off for this game and all I get is grief. We have three cameras that shoot football on Friday night. One is at the marquee, one is doing a story on the big game and can only hit one school and the other is a floater that most weeks has to stay in Columbus. So guy from Bellaire who was mocking me better hope that the station does not send me to your game this week, because it's my last game and I will rip you a new one. What are they going to do fire me?

Now to the game, it was a sloppy rainy field. Which seemed to favor Martins Ferry, but Bellaire came out throwing and Martins Ferry came out dropping the ball. The QB for the Big Red threw three long bombs for touchdowns. They look good, but I don't want them to win in the playoffs. The Purple Riders looked bad for a team without a loss. The QB kept dropping the snap and fell down a few times.

A big game that feel flat. I must be cursed this year with average and bad games. I'm hoping my last week will produce a game that is exciting

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Neuhart said...

So no blimp crash? I hear what you say...I hate Bellaire to. I'm hoping the S-T-C brings it this weekend and just whoops them and the "guy" who was probably also missing teeth, can sit at home and watch the playoffs!