Monday, October 30, 2006

Black Saturday

As I quote John Cusack from High Fidelity
"Some people never got over Nam or when their band open for Nirvana..."
Well, I will never fully get over this past Saturday. As a fan of any sports teams and you will that there will be ups and downs, but as a fan and Alumni of Bowling Green State University I have seen rock bottom and I have just bounced off of it. This week Bowling Green lost to Temple. You may wonder "J-Dog, why is that such a big deal?"

How in the hell does this happen? I know we are not good, but Buffalo beat Temple and Buffalo sucks. Hell we beat Buffalo. I seriously think that we need to let the band play the rest of the year. Hell let the Popular Culture Department play, they can do any worse than what the real team has done.

October, 28th 2006 the worst day to be a fan of the not so mighty Bowling Green Falcons.

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