Thursday, October 12, 2006

Totally Random

Today at work was just a mish mash of different assignments: shooting an enviromental justice presser, a debate intro segment, and Baja Fresh (a Mexican chain that is owned by Wendy's). Non of these assignments had anything to do with one or another so I'd thought I'd do a blog reflecting my work day. A few random tidbits and info that could not really fill one blog.

Mileage: It will be three years in December since I bought my Mazda and I'm just over 45,000 miles. My work Explorer is just over a year old and has 38,000 miles on it. I'm wondering which car will reach 50,000 first. I'm betting on the Explorer.

Columbus Marathon: This weekend is the Columbus Half Marathon and I think every single person I know will be running in it. If you think I'm kidding Wilson will be driving up from Ironton to "run" in this race. So with so many people I know running in this race you would think I'd be at the finish line watching every one struggle to finish. NAY I'm going to Bowling Green for homecoming.

Ohio Renisanse Festival: Due to financial un-peace I will not be attending this years Ren Fest. We just don't have the money to go to homecoming and drive to the Ren Fest. I did shoot a story, but this will be the first time in five years neither I nor Wilson/Radcliff/Joe will not be attending. I was really looking forward to a turkey leg and seeing some wenches, but alas I can not go. I think this is some kind of sign for an end of an era. I hope not, but if it did I got a lot of great stories and wasted many house in a trailer out in a Holler.

Jackass 2: I went and watched this "movie" with Jeff and Dave from work. All I have to say it that I almost threw up during the "movie." It's everything you expected to see in the TV show, but in a film. I was shocked though that they did sensor some scenes by either blurs or the black bar. I'm happy they used the black bar sometimes, but it was odd so see them. It must have been to keep the film rated R not NC-17.

Best of times worst of times: I'm in a Strat-o-matic baseball league (it's a game that allows you to field a team comprised of any player from any era). I currently have two teams, the Cleveland Indians and the Montreal Expos, and both teams have been the total opposite of each other. Montreal is 81-55 and 8 games up on the second place team, while Cleveland is 59-77 and 9 games back of the team with the worst record to be leading in a division. I acquired Montreal and have not done a lot to them, just added a couple of players to boost some of the week spots, while Cleveland is now on it's third make over, I went for power hitting and then was convinced to move to a larger park to help my pitchers. Well, that hurt the power guys so I had to trade a couple of them off and now I'm back where I started. With Le Expos I'm gearing up for the play-offs and trying to get guys healthy, Cleveland is now looking at back-up guys that may not make the team next year and at the same time tank some games to get a better draft position. Is it a bad idea to drink champagne and Mylanta?


Adam said...

They took alot of pictures of us running the race. I'm hopeing its not to expensive.
I'll show you the pics if I buy any.

J Dog said...

I guess you didn't die. I was worried, you are line 90 or something