Monday, October 02, 2006


A few days ago I noticed that Blogger has added a section that tells people how many post I have done in a month. See this I noticed I such ass! My Best moth was 10 so that month I am just over 2 post a week and last month I did 8 for an even 2 a week of if you want it broken in to days that's .333 per day. If I was a baseball player I'd be making millions an possibly hated like this guy, but I'm blogging and that means people get bored of my page real quick. So I'm going to attempt to post a little more often and try to do some post I'm going to call "ever green post." Post that can be pre-written but can be posted on days I don't feel like writing (like my recent addition to cereal). Then I would like to do some research pieces, I have a theory about Subway and city population that I think needs to be heard. Plus I need to do some more Vesuvius Times pieces involving my Southern Ohio friends, they need a little poking at, you know to make sure they are still alive.

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Adam said...

Huh, whats that target painted on my chest?