Friday, October 06, 2006

Things you can do in a cup

Before I get into this post, if you are squeamish or don't like things that involve bodily functions then you might want to not read this. I'll give you a hint about this post... look at the picture.

Alright I'm over trying to be secretive most of you already know. When I went down to see some friends last week I was actually down there for a job interview. When it comes to finding a new job in TV the steps are usually the same.
  1. Send a resume and resume tape
  2. get a call a month or so later and they get a feel for you
  3. Go to the interview (If it's far away and they fly you there then you are pretty much one of the lead candidates)
  4. They check you back ground, including driving record
  5. take a drug test
  6. They offer you the job or you get rejected
  7. Try to get as much money as you can and try to get them to move you
  8. Leave your old job.
Well today I did #1 for #5. I always hate this step, which is often refereed to as the pee test. I just think it's strange way of testing, I'd almost rather give blood for a test than to pee in a cup. If you have never done this here is how it works. They lead you into a room, you sign some papers. You empty your pockets into a lock box. Walk into the bathroom (luckily most times you can close the door, one time after a car crash I had to do this with the door open) and pee into the cup. Finish your business and walk out with out closing the door, you hand it over to the gloved person they fill out some paper work, seal the cup and make you initial and date the cup. You then are able to wash up and they flush the toilet.

I know this sounds discussting you some how you will get some of the "sample" on your hands and you have to stand there and wait till after you sign the cup before you can wash. It's the most discussting 5 minutes you can have while doing a test. For me this step is the decoding factor if I want a job or not. Do I pee into a cup and get urine on me or do I just say pass. Well I guess I want this job, sorry mom.

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Adam said...

Did you get an A+ ?