Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Silly Rabbit

Last week I did not do a Lost blog because honestly I did not enjoy that episode all that much. I liked some of the flash backs, but I'm not getting any answers as to what is going on this season so I've started to loose a little interest. This week's episode was at least a little better. You learned a little bit more about Sawyer and was shocked to find out that he has a daughter. The Wife is really hating this season, she has no idea what is going on. I'm trying to explain things that I think is happening, but have no idea if what I am saying is actually happening. Finally here is what I learned from last last week and this week.

Last week
-Polar Bears do not like fire.
-I learned what an active kill is.
-Peyote flashbacks causes you to see dead people.
-Locke is a hunter... we sort of.
-Locke likes the weed.
-Don't mess with entrepreneurial hippies.

This week
-Benjamin is mean to rabbits
-The others are not use to people dying.
-Some time ago something caused the sky to go purple and it wasn't Locke's peyote.
-Who the hell names their kid Clementine? Really, is this 1856 New Mexico?
-Benny has a tumor on is spin, will Jack save him or let him die?
-Freckles is small enough to escape but loves Sawyer.
-Sawyer was once a snitch in prison.
-There are two islands.
-Desmond is trying out for the show Heroes.
-Question of the night. Why is ABC (owned by Disney) using a Warner Bros. cartoon that was their way of combating Fantasia? I think it was an odd choice to us one of my favorite cartoons. If you are wondering it was the cartoon of the vulture trying to eat all the little swans set to swan lake. Hmmm as I typed that I wonder if it is some kind of clue about the island. Still it is a good cartoon.

I hope they start giving us some answers soon. There are only two more weeks till the show goes away till January or February.


King Tom said...

You know, I never knew the connection between that cartoon and Fantasia, but it makes sense!

And I was disappointed that I didn't tie in Prof. Emmit L. Brown and Demsond's little project.

J Dog said...

You're right I need to be shocked with 1.21 jigawatts for not making that connection as well